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Match № 4

The match № 4, group stage, first tournament day

RUSSIA – LATVIA 3:1 (1:0)

January 8th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Petersburgsky SCC, 6000 spectators

Referees: Pavel Shadyhanov, Andrey Runov, Roman Milyuchenko

Russia: Lobantsev (Vasyutin, 90), Karavaev (Masyutin, 90), Rebenko (c), Kalyashin, Ermakov (Miranchuk Al., 71), Morgunov, Davydov (Kurzenev, 12), Koryan (Miranchuk An., 71), Efremov (Nabiullin, 86), Lystsov, Saramutin (Garipov, 67)

Senior coach: Dmitriy Ulyanov

Latvia: Viksna, Bragins (Burmistris, 69), Klimashevichs, Knuts, Maksimovs (Vindedzis, 60), Kirilins (c) (Ikaunieks, 65), Kazachoks, Dobrtulins (Komarovs, 61), Indrans, Vitolnieks, Gutkovskis

Head coach: Vladimirs Babičevs

Goals: Davydov (8), Kurzenev (51), Koryan (58), Indrans (83, p.)

Yellow cards: Saramutin (35), Lystsov (56), Garipov (82), Kurzenev (87)

Best players: Arshak Koryan, Dmitriys Klimashevichs

After match comments

Senior coach of the team Russia Dmitriy Ulyanov:

We were preparing for this tournament. And we will increase. We want to win it, 2 years we didn't succeed. But also this is a preparation for Euro-2013. I'm satisfied with this victory, but we had some defects and we will clear up them tomorrow. We led the whole game but the penalty kick knocked us down, and the end of the match wasn't in our hands. This is not good. Also the injury of Denisov influenced on the game. He is the player of line-up and we had to change something.

In general, we try to follow the tactics of the main national team. The senior coach Igor Shalimov is checking it. Our players tried hard to score the goals, but I can agree with my neighbor that 50% of success is the faults of the opponent's defense.

Head coach of the team Latvia Vladimirs Babičevs:

I can tell shortly – we lost in the match with a very good team. I wish to Russian team win this tournament. It is a great opportunity for us to increase. We must try to grow further. The scored goal today gives us confidence for future. My players will be angrier, and as you've seen we could score more, but didn't succeed. As for the goals of Russia, I can say that they happened because of our faults for 50%, and for other 50% they are the result of opponents' skill. At least you must deliver the ball to the gate, but the defense had to prevent such kicks.

The aim for the tournament – we must make everything to feel satisfy, no shame in the end of it. And the players have to increase.


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