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Football Federation of Saint-Petersburg

Foundation year: 1901

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# Family name, Name Date of birth Position Club
1 Mzhelskiy Mikhail 29.03.1995 Goalkeeper FC Zenit
16 Rudakov Maksim 22.01.1996 Goalkeeper FC Zenit
3 Kovalenko Mikhail 25.01.1995 Defender FC Zenit
4 Karpov Maksim 17.03.1995 Defender Moskovskaya zastava
5 Alferov Yevgeniy 31.01.1995 Defender FC Zenit
17 Yakovlev Andrey 12.01.1995 Defender FC Zenit
15 Anuchin Dmitriy 16.04.1995 Defender FC Zenit
Khokhlov Aleksandr 27.03.1995 Defender Коломяги
2 Davidenko Danila 17.10.1995 Midfielder Kolomyagi
6 Dilanyan Zakhar 06.05.1995 Midfielder Kolomyagi
11 Troyanov Konstantin 18.11.1995 Midfielder Kolomyagi
12 Kompaneyets Maksim 20.01.1995 Midfielder FC Zenit
14 Khodakovskiy Dmitriy 14.01.1995 Midfielder FC Zenit
20 Simonyan Artem 20.02.1995 Midfielder FC Zenit
7 Yesin Vladimir 11.01.1995 Forward Locomotiv
8 Makarov Aleksey 03.07.1995 Forward FC Zenit
9 Yegorov Aleksey 03.02.1995 Forward FC Zenit
10 Zakarlyuka Aleksandr 24.06.1995 Forward FC Zenit
18 Yashchuk Danila 13.03.1995 Forward FC Zenit
22 Solovyev Anton 27.03.1995 Forward FC Zenit


A team from the city on the banks of Neva river was first presented at the Valentin Granatkin Memorial in 1991. This year the team was formed, mostly from the players of football school "Smena". The team of Leningrad lost to the first and second national teams of the USSR (2:3 and 1:2), and to China (1:2).
However, they defeated Turkish national team (3:0) and Germany (1:0) and took fourth place with positive goal differential 8-7. Team was trained by coaches Alexander Pronin and Viktor Vinogradov.

After resurrection of the tournament in 2001, head coach of Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir Kazachenok had to gather the team on a very short notice. because Vietnam's national team refused to participate.
The result and performance were poor: last place in the group of four teams with a 0-13 goal differential.

In 2002 the team was formed on the base of "Zenit-2" (second division), head coach - Boris Rapoport. The result - 7th place, only victory against Chinese youth team.

10 years have passed. In 2012 the team of Saint Petersburg was brought to the pitch of Granatkin Memorial by Vladimir Kazachenok. That tournament was the most successful so far. After starting with loss to Azerbaijan - 1:2, the victory over Finland came – 2:0 and only after counting the additional stats, the team did not continue to compete in medal round. However in playoff matches Belarus was defeated – 2:0, and in the match for the 5th spot after the penalty shots, Czech Republic national team was beaten 4:3 (1:1 after the final whistle).

Head coach

Vladimir Kazachenok

Date of birth: 06.09.1952
Master of Sports of the International class


Career as a player:

1971 - 1975, 1979 - 1982 Zenith (Leningrad)
1976 - 1978 Dynamo (Moscow)

For the USSR national team played two matches
Member of "Grigory Fedotov Club": 104 goals

Accomplishments as a player:

USSR Cup winner (1977)
USSR Championship bronze medal winner (1980)

Coaching career:

1987 – 1989 Head coach of Dynamo (Leningrad)
2000 – 2002 Head coach of FC Svetogorets
2003 Head coach of Dynamo (Saint-Petersburg)
2004 – 2005 Head coach of Petrotrest (Saint-Petersburg)
2006 – 2007 Head coach of FC Khimki
2009 Head coach of Smena-Zenit (Saint-Petersburg)
2010 Head coach of JK Kalev (Sillamae, Estonia)

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