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Match № 3

The match № 3, group stage, first tournament day


January 5th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Ivan Saraev, Pyotr Miroshnichenko, Kirill Bolshakov

Greece: Strezos, Nafpliotis, Myrthianos, Sotirakos (c), Foukaras (Polimos 56), Milios (Pasalidis 46), Vouros, Begklektsis (Aronis 46), Vergos (Thanailakis 72), Popovits (Kovatsis 72,) Papasavvas (Poungouras 30)

Head coach: Theodoros Pachatouridis

Slovenia: Golubovich (c), Reja, Klemencic (Jazbec 90 ), Vuklisevic, Hotic (Vujcic 79), Benedicic, Sauprl ( Rudonja 84), Crnigoj (Corn 74), Stojanovic (Gasser 89), Andrijasic, Curk (Lazar 58)

Head coach: Milos Kostic

Goals: Stojanovic (5)

Yellow cards: Andrijasic (22), Sauprl (38), Benedicic (65), Sotirakos (90)

Best players: Praxitellis Vouros, Zan Benedicic

After match comments

Head coach of the team Greece Theodoros Pachatouridis:

We got fast goal but that shouldn't had happened. Probably, it took place, because the players were nervous or couldn't get into the game completely. The first half of the game passed in search, during the second half we managed to increase our pressure to the rival-team. This was the first game for us and maybe because of that players were very tired in the end. But they had a strong wish to play and until the very end of the game we tried to change the score. My aim was not to play in defense only and the fact that the best player of the match became the defender doesn't mean anything. The player № 8, Vouros could either play in the centre or as the midfielder but I put him in defense. He tried hard and became the best in our team.

I'd like to note the good quality of the stadium. The fact that the pitch was artificial doesn't justify us, we've already played in such conditions so that was not new for us.

Head coach of the team Slovenia Milos Kostic:

Let me begin with the fact, that our championship ends in November. All players had a month for the rest and it was obvious today that guys didn't have enough playing practice. We couldn't make passes, we had the lack of acting in the attack. I understood that and did all the best to organize the play in the defense. Greece is also known for the good organization of the play. Probably, this match was more tactical than spectacular, but everyone has to use their strength: if there is a flaw in the attack, we shouldn't let the opponent to score.

In our team there are of 2-3 players who have a good long-range shot, and so they always use the opportunity to strike even from the distance of 25-30 meters. As you could see, it has brought results. I want underline the role of Zan Benedicic №8, who was called the best player of the team. He is from "Milan" and he had two operations in recent months. Today, he has shown an excellent play, I think with every game he will only do better and better, however, it can be said about the whole team.


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