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Match № 2

The match № 2, group stage, first tournament day.


January 5th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators.

Referees: Voloshin Nikolay, Abrosimov Ivan, Dobrolyubov Alexander

Azerbaijan: Aliev (c), Mammadov Sh., Guliev, Badalov, Abdeullazada, Aleskerov(Gumbatov, 90), Diniyev (Nasirov, 72), Alieyev (Rzayev, 60), Nasirli (Mammadov S., 60), Karaev (Talybov, 79), Jamaladdinov

Head coach: Arif Asadov

Lithuania: Suvaizdis, Aleksandrivichus (c), Meskinis (Spietinis, 90), Baravykas, Skripkinas (Ankundinovas, 32), Lekeckas, Judickas (Stulga, 85), Pangonis (Simkus, 90), Kazubovicius (Pupsys, 66), Segzda, Justas

Head coach: Antanas Vingiliys

Goals: Aliev (30, 49), Aleskerov (56), Segzda (59), Judickas (62, pen.)

Failed penalty kick: Nasirli (51 – goalkeeper)

Yellow cards: Aliev (36), Lekeckas (41), Segzda (43), Aleksandrivichus (45), Karaev (59), Meskinis (58)

Best players: Namik Aleskerov, Donatas Segzda

After match comments

Head coach of the team Azerbaijan Arif Asadov:

Our team is only two weeks, and this match was the first official that we played. Nevertheless, we played well, we could be leading 4:0 or 5:0, but we failed a penalty kick and let in two goals. On the other hand, the guys didn't have much experience, they considered the game done and let themselves relax. Everyone has to play to the final whistle. But we will work on it. It's my fault as well, I withdrew two players, but there were some reasons for it: Orkhan Alieyev played to the full and we let him take a rest. He had already kicked two goals and got a yellow card. And what for letting in goals – at this tournament all the players wish to distinguish themselves, to kick a goal, so attack prevails upon defense, hence we conceded many goals. We'll try to avoid this in future.

Head coach of the team Lithuania Antanas Vingiliys:

Azerbaijan has won fairly. We played horribly in the first half. That was the worst play I've ever seen by my team. We couldn't keep pace with the competitor, lost single fights, hence fouled much and got three yellow cards. In second half we let in another unwanted goal – the goalkeeper failed, but we managed to re-form, Marius corrected his mistake – he saved a penalty kick, and that gave us a possibility to turn the game around. Besides, the opposite team made substitutions after which they were not able to re-form quickly. We scored two goals and could have leveled the score, but we had no fortune. We let in much, of course, and we have to work hard to prevent it in future.


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