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Match № 9

The match № 9, group stage, third tournament day


January 7th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Valery Romanov, Stanislav Isaev, Pavel Novikov

Lithuania: Suvaizdis, Aleksandrivichus (c), Meskinis (Spietinis, 67), Baravykas, Lekeckas (Simkus, 66), Pupsys, Ankundinovas, Pangonis (Meistininkas, 90), Kazubovicius (Stulga, 87), Segzda (Judickas, 80), Raziunas

Head coach: Antanas Vingiliys

Ukraine: Sarnavskii (c) (Chizhikov, 90), Tkachuk, Shevchuk (Polegenko, 46), Tankovskii (Gabelok, 73), Lukanov (Zaviiskii, 63), Radchenko, Miranjan (Jaremchuk, 74), Chumak, Kravchenko (Kachabara, 63), Sizii (Jastrub, 85), Sobol

Head coach: Alexander Petrakov

Goals: Miranjan (7), Sobol (21), Gabelok (84, pen.), Radchenko (88, pen.)

Yellow cards: Shevchuk (45), Pangonis (65), Sobol (67), Pupsys (82)

Best players: Tadas Lekeckas, Eduard Sobol

After match comments

Head coach of the team Lithuania:

– We are not satisfied with the result but that was a different game and a different opponent. Our sportsmen have shown a very strong game. But there is still is one thing left – to learn how not to lose. Our central forward Darius Kazubovicius (№19) seemed to be playing not good enough today. After his transfer to one of English football clubs he doesn't play as good as he used to do before. But unfortunately I don't have player of his skill and that's why he still plays in the line-up. Talking about the match with Azerbaijan, I can say that was very bad. And in comparison with it, our today's game was much better. Our sportsmen are in a good mood so I think the match with Czech Republic team will be more successful.

Head coach of the team Ukraine:

– We played with team Lithuania at the qualifying, and today I want to express my gratitude once again to both the opposite team and the head coach. I still wonder how they can get so many skilled players in such a small country. I face with the problem of recruiting players in Ukraine, and Lithuania doesn't seem inferior in any way, though they have a smaller option.

I have many questions on the defense. Taras Kachabara is one of our best central defenders. But since he's changed the club he has no playing practice, so now he's quite insecure. Neither does another our defender Eduard Sobol, he plays not to the full, although I've named him the best player in the team today.

I asked my players to demonstrate their team tactics in defense, but they must improvise in the attack. That's what I asked of my forwards in the second half: to initiate the attack, to fight.

I'm pleased with the match, though we had lots of faults. Today it's our holiday – the Christmas, so we were lucky.



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