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Match № 36

The match № 36, play-offs, ninth tournament day, match for the 5th place


January 13th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Nikolay Voloshin, Roman Miluchenko, Aleksandr Rodionov

Czech Republic: Jehlichko, Vondra (Kratochvil, 46), Shevchik, Kaiser (Richter, 34), Prosek (Held, 80), Brosh, Shashinka (Matushek, 21), Michna (Hrdlicka, 58), Kadlec, Hulka (c), Shpavelko

Head coach: Josef Csaplar

Italy: Falcone (Gollini, 36), Venuti, Barreca (Barlocco, 69), Cannataro (Rosa Gastaldo, 64), Monteleone (Iotti, 80), Cortinovis, Cristante (c), Casteletto (Paolini, 80), Petagna (Ferrante, 60), Crecco, De Girolamo (Fazzi, 66)

Head coach: Alberico Evani

Goals: De Girolamo (15), Petagna (23), Cristante (46), Crecco (75), Ferrante (77)

Yellow cards: Cannataro (30), Shevchik (74), Fazzi (90)

Best players: Martin Matushek, Davide Monteleone

After match comments

Head coach of the team Czech Republic Josef Csaplar:

– The match was tough. We made many stupid mistakes and Italians took advantage of it. In our previous matches we didn't make such errors, but this was the festival of stupid mistakes. Our player №9 was just jogging, he didn't play. I wasn't going to wait till he awakes, so I substituted him. I had players on the bench who wanted to play. We played our last match at the tournament, not a friendly game. Besides, our opponent was Italy. And he didn't fight. If you don't want to play so sit on the bench and watch football. What for our today's mistakes, I don't have explanations for the fails so far. Maybe the reason is that our power was already up and we were exhausted. Another reason is that Italy had a great performance. Having scored back from 0:3 in the first game, we lacked power to do it today. Concerning the tournament in a whole I want to note that we were glad to come here and would like to came again.

Head coach of the team Italy Alberico Evani:

– That was a perfect game. I asked my players top show their best in this last tournament game. The match against the strong Czech Republic team should have shown all our power. Players did their best and that was an interesting game. If other coaches complain that their players are tired I do motivate my team with words and they find energy for games. I found what to say after were defeated by the teams of Saint-Petersburg and Iran to cheer them up. As the result, my players showed a remarkable game.

We are satisfied with the results of the tournament and its organization. Apart from some small problems everything was up to the mark. It was nice to be in Saint-Petersburg, we like the city, everything is great here.

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