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Match № 34

The match № 34, play offs, ninth tournament day, match for the 7th place

SLOVENIA – I. R. IRAN 3:1 (2:1)

January 13th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 150 spectators

Referees: Alexey Amelin, Kirill Bolshakov, Stanislav Isayev

Slovenia: Tetickovic, Vujcic, Klemencic, Vuklisevic, Jazbec, Sauprl (c), Crnigoj, Stojanovic, Rudonja, Curk (Benedicic, 83), Lazar (Hotic, 83)

Head coach: Milos Kostic

I. R. Iran: Gouari, Hashemii, Sobani, Ezatolahi, Karimi (c), Bazadg, Ozede, Hasemi (Kave, 41), Ramani (Nuri, 67), Husein (Meraban, 46), Saidi

Head coach: Ali Dusti Mehr

Goals: Sobani (7, pen.), Saidi (25), Crnigoj (31), Hotic (87)

Yellow cards: Stojanovic (64), Lazar (81), Husein (90)

Best players: Miha Tetickovic, Bazadg Muhamed

After match comments

Head coach of the team Slovenia Milos Kostic:

– I'm satisfied with the last match. It's always nice to finish a tournament with a victory. In spite of the fact that we lost a few players because of disqualifications and injuries, we've done our task today. We planned to play on counterattacks. Our opponent's own goal helped us a lot, for it's much easier to play when you lead. The referee let play a man's game and the opponent was leaving much space for our attacks. We tried to press in the centre and make long shots ahead. Each shot was a danger and the second wave of attack created scoring moments. But team of Iran was a worthy opponent; they are a very quick team, so this victory was not easy.

I can't be satisfied with the seventh place in the tournament. We lost only one game, we fought, initiated struggling, and we scored. Sometimes we were not lucky, sometimes referees were unfavourable to us. So that was a great experience for the players. It's quite a high level tournament and the teams show a high quality of playing, so this tournament was of great use for us.

Head coach of the team I.R. Iran Ali Dusti Mehr:

– I would like to congratulate team of Slovenia with their victory in this match. Today's game has shown some aspects which we will need to work at. Our own goal is just a mistake of our defender. But it's better if players make mistakes today than at the official World Championships. At my age it is a shame to commit such mistakes but guys are young and that is natural for them to do something wrong sometimes. Iran and Slovenia teams played equally up to 19th minute but after there came fail. That is, actually, is not surprising because we have lost our 3 main players because of injuries and disqualifications. What's more, this last match was very difficult and that was not easy to motivate players.

What is about tournament, I would like to note the high level of its organization. I got chance to participate at three youth world tournaments and I can firmly say that Granatkin Memorial equals to them. However, there is one thing which I would like to offer to the tournament's organization is to allow the teams to be present at each other's trainings. It will help them to exchange the experience and will only improve the quality of the game.

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