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Match № 31

The match № 31, play-offs, eighth tournament day, match for 9-12 places


January 12th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Artyom Lyubimov, Rustam Mukhtarov, Andrey Kuzhelev

Azerbaijan: Aliev A.(c), Mammadov Sh. (Nagiev, 37), Guliev, Badalov (Mammadov S., ), Abdeullazada (Karaev, 59), Aleskerov (Talybov,), Diniyev (Rzayev, 74), Alieyev O., Nasirli, Jamaladdinov, Nasirov

Head coach: Arif Asadov

Greece: Giagkiozis, Myrthianos, Sotirakos, Vlachos, Milios (Popovits, 33), Vouros, Begklektsis (Thanailakis, 70), Vergos (Poungouras, 72), Kovatsis (Pasalidis 39), Polimos (Nafpliotis, 54), Aronis (Foukaras, 53)

Head coach: Theodoros Pachatouridis

Goals: Begklektsis (55)

Yellow cards: Nasirli (52), Karaev (87)

Best players: Joshgun Diniyev, Christoforos Pasalidis

After match comments

Head coach of the team Azerbaijan Arif Asadov:

– Talking about the match in general, I can say that we were better but there were many scoring chances which we didn't realize. The team of Greece was playing in counter attacks and managed to score. It was done by players who just came to substitute, they were fast and active. My players were tired and exhausted so we just couldn't stand up for this. Though one of our guys tried to play as well as the opponent's team but that was not always possible. We are good at attack but when there comes the time to defend – we lose. But that's a game, you can't take the moment back and that's a problem.

Head coach of the team Greece Theodoros Pachatouridis:

– We let all the players take part in this game. Concerning tactics, we were trying to be active in defence, blocking zones. We tried to create moments in counerattacks. Yet, we were not very lucky, the score should have been bigger. But such a score is also good. We got nervous in the end, though. What for the substitutions in the first half, they were necessary because of injuries. But those who came to the pitch improved our playing and brought more speed into it, although it was not at once, because I asked the guys to spare energy, to keep it for the second half. I can't say it has been our best match – the matches with Russia and Latvia were also good, and yet I can see the guys are progressing as the tournament goes.

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