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Match № 30

The match № 30, play-offs, eighth tournament day, match for 13-16 places


January 12th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 250 spectators

Referees: Valery Romanov, Vladislav Lyashko, Pavel Novikov

Kazakhstan: Golubnichii (c), Nurali, Taipov, Kuzmenko, Ismailov (Balgabaev, 46), Gagippar (Kidirali, 78), Dairov, Gunusov (Morozov, 42), Sulei (Sovetov, 85), Sagindik, Sahibov (Vomenko, 63)

Head coach: Mihail Soloviev

Belgium: Pirard, Spryut (c), Haagen, Allegria, Raeymaekers, Hendrickx, Borah-Sasar, Mauclet (Van Den Ackerveken, 68), Mertens (Reuten, 79), Pierre, Van Der Heyden

Head coach: Marc Van Geersom

Goals: Van Der Heyden (1), Borah-Sasar (87)

Yellow cards: Sulei (50)

Best players: Anuar Gagippar, Nils Pierre

After match comments

Head coach of the team Kazakhstan Mihail Soloviev:

– We have played four games in 7 days and everybody is tired. Many players are injured so we had to change our game scheme for 14 sportsmen. That was not easy. It was necessary to give them some rest and to vary physical activity on the field. Our defenders were playing in attack and this became a new experience for them. We tried to control the ball during the game and we successfully did this. There were some scoring moments but not all of them we managed to realize. We wanted to win. I am satisfied with the result.

Head coach of the team Belgium Van Geersom Marc:

– You could see everything on the pitch. We made lots of mistakes, we often lost the ball; as a consequence we mostly played in defence. It's difficult to analyse the team playing, for we gathered only 2 weeks ago. The coach's directive is being accomplished. They come to the pitch and play, but they play like robots, lacking improvisation and individual actions in attacks. The guys came to the tournament somewhat constricted. Even in the checkroom they kept silence. You see, we have no experience of competing at tournaments of such a level, so the guys are afraid. I tried to encourage them. Today they came to the pitch smiling, started to help each other, to prompt, so that some playing schemes were realised.


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