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Match № 28

The match № 28, semifinal, seventh tournament day

RUSSIA – UKRAINE 4:1 (3:0)

January 11th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 6000 spectators

Referees: Pavel Shadykhanov, Kirill Bolshakov, Roman Milyuchenko

Russia: Lobantsev (Vasyutin, 90), Karavaev (Masyutin, 90), Rebenko (c), Kalyashin, Ermakov (Garipov, 90), Morgunov (Sinodzuka, 87), Davydov (Kurzenev, 81), Efremov (Mustafin, 89), Lystsov, Miranchuk Al., Saramutin (Miranchuk An., 68)

Senior coach: Dmitriy Ulyanov

Ukraine: Sarnavskii (c), Tkachuk (Kacharaba, 41), Polegenko, Shevchuk, Tankovskii (Jaremchuk, 63), Gabelok (Jastrub, 60), Radchenko (Zaviiskii, 72), Miranjan, Chumak, Sizii, Sobol

Head coach: Alexander Petrakov

Goals: Efremov (7, 16), Davydov (34), Lystsov (59), Kacharaba (90)

Yellow cards: Sizii (81)

Best players: Dmitry Efremov, Artur Miranjan

After match comments

Senior coach of the team Russia Dmitriy Ulyanov:

– It's not the first time that we play with the team of Ukraine. First two games we lost. Today we gave a sound revenge. The match has been played great. We lacked one of our leaders today – Arshak Koryan. Unfortunately he was injured and he's already gone home, so he won't play in further matches. Although, Efremov played excellent today: two scored goals are a great result.

Our second goalkeeper who came from a substitution didn't succeed. It's the second time that he substituted in the last minutes and let in. I hope he won't stagger, he's a strong guy. But if he asks not to let him come to the pitch anymore, we'll take it into consideration.

The guys don't need to be inspired for the final. Final is final, after all. The match must be interesting, and the public's attention will be special.

Head coach of the team Ukraine Alexander Petrakov:

– We've failed the whole game. It was only Miranjan who was playing, the rest players were idle. Radchenko was creating moments in attacks, he was active; but what a forward must do? A forward must score. Radchenko does not score, he lacks technics, and speed doesn't make everything in football.

During the break I tried to talk to the guys, to encourage them. The fact that we've played the second half 1:1 shows that it worked, but not with everyone. That's the main speciality of youth football: you may play 3 good matches and then fail the whole game. That's just what has happened with us today. Skill is defined by stability, and my players haven't acquired it yet.

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