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Match № 26

The match № 26, play-off, seventh tournament day

I. R. IRAN – ITALY 0:2 (0:0)

January 11th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Igor Panin, Stanislav Isaev, Andrey Runov

I. R. Iran: Hashemii, Sobani, Hoseim, Karimi (c), Mazlum, Amini, Hosemi, Nuri, Kave (Ozede, 60), Saidi, Kasebzadeh (Ramani, 22)

Head coach: Ali Dusti Mehr

Italy: Gollini (c), Venuti, Barreca (Cristante, 46), Cannataro, Monteleone, Cortinovis, Fazzi (Crecco, 65), Casteletto (Paolini, 83), Petagna (Ferrante, 77), De Girolamo (Rosa Gastaldo, 82), Barlocco (Passamonti, 85)

Head coach: Evani Alberico

Goals: De Girolamo (59), Ferrante (78)

Failed penalty: Petagna (17, missed)

Yellow cards: Barreca (21), Monteleone (25), Cristante (88), Hashemii (34), Mazlum (73)

Red cards: Hoseim (16)

Best players: Medi Amini, Diego Raymond De Girolamo

After match comments

Head coach of the team I.R. Iran Ali Dusti Mehr:

– My congratulations to the team of Italy. We've played today with a strong opponent who won the tournament last year, so the match was difficult. We were able to resist Italian attacks for almost 70 minutes, but to the end of the match our mistakes in defence allowed our opponent to score. Playing 10 players isn't a very pleasant job, but it was a good experience for the team. We had 3 scoring moments in the first half, but we haven't scored. There's no surprise, however: we played with Italy, and everybody knows where best defenders and goalkeepers are. I think the game was good and could have been a worthing semifinal in the tournament if the situation in the group were different.

It would be good for us to play against Russia in this tournament, although the opponents we've played against were quite deserved. This match, as well as previous ones, let us see our mistakes on which we should work ahead of the World Cup 2013.

Head coach of the team Italy Evani Alberico:

– That was a difficult game. Iran is a very fast team. After yesterday's match we had two problems. First of all, it was necessary for us to restore the power, but Iranian team was in the same condition. What's more, it was important to support my players after their defeat in the previous game, which they think was unfair. It was clear that the guys had the lack of confidence in the first half of the match and could take the initiative in the second half only.

I am not satisfied with our attack today, especially with Andrea Petagna. He failed penalty kick and couldn't realize many scoring chances. Failed penalty kick could be the result of the psychological pressure. What's about other moments of the game that can be called the mistakes of the youth.

The next match we are going to play against the Czech Republic team and that's going to be a good experience for us. Our opponent gets usually in the finals of international tournaments and that's going to be a good chance for us to see what this team is strong in.

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