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Match № 24

The match № 24, group stage, sixth tournament day


January 10th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 2500 spectators

Referees: Andrey Fisenko, Yegor Bolkhovitin, Ivan Kichimasov

Saint-Petersburg: Mzhelsky, Davidenko (Anuchin, 72), Karpov, Kovalenko, Alfyorov, Troyanov, Khodakovskiy, Zakarlyuka (c), Makarov (Simonyan, 85), Yesin (Solovyev, 85), Yegorov (Kompaneets, 90)

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachenok

Italy: Falcone, Venuti, Barreca (Barlocco, 46), Cannataro (Aramu, 72; De Girolamo, 90), Monteleone, Cortinovis, Passamonti (Fazzi, 46), Casteletto, Petagna (Rosa Gastaldo, 80), Crecco, Cristante (c)

Head coach: Alberico Evani

Goals: Cristante (55), Zakarlyuka (69, pen.), Anuchin (90)

Yellow cards: Monteleone (29), Casteletto (42), Fazzi (58), Yegorov (64), Petagna (69)

Failed penalty: Kovalenko (90)

Best players: Mikhail Kovalenko, Luca Crecco

After match comments

Coach of the team Saint-Petersburg Anver Koneyev:

– I'm overfilled with emotions. My team won team Italy. Team Italy that was intentionally preparing to this tournament it's a team of a whole country, and ours is a team of a city which moreover lacked five players. And our opponents had no injuries. We've got into the list of four best teams of the tournament. Before the beginning I'd said that our team is in the «death group» but we took the first place and now we are in play-off. Today we played in defense but we had some tactic schemes and we managed to realize them. I would like to admit that Vladimir Kazachenok helped us a lot in preparation for this match. He gave an idea how to disarm the Italian team. We were happy to feel the support of the stadium.

- Have you managed to realize all the plans for the tournament?

- No!

Head coach of the team Italy Alberico Evani hasn't attended the press conference.

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