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Match № 23

The match № 23, group stage, sixth tournament day


January 10th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Aleksnadr Ksenafontov, Andrei Kuzhelev, Aleksey Manin

Belgium: Verheyen, Rivituso (Raeymaekers, 28), Spryut (c) (Pierre, 55) , Haagen, Hendrickx, Borah-Sasar, Reuten, Mauclet, Mertens (Van Der Heyden, 76), Allegria, Van Den Ackerveken

Head coach: Van Geersom Marc

Belarus: Frantskevich , Morozov (Kaplenko, 85), Kaborda, Ignatenko, Nazarenko, Bondarenko, Gorbachik (Patsko, 46), Korzun(c), Yarotsky (Belevich, 63), Sidorenko (Kucherov, 59), Rassadkin, (Azerskiy, 85)

Head coach: Andrey Pyshnik

Goals: Korzun (44, 45), Rassadkin (83)

Yellow cards: Gorbachik (21), Borah-Sasar (49), Mertens (74), Belevich (75)

Best players: Hendrickx Gaetan, Nikita Korzun

After match comments

Head coach of the team Belgium Van Geersom Marc:

– I congratulate the team of Belarus with good playing and a big winning score. What for us, I had today only 12 uninjured players whom I could send to the pitch. Even in the line-up we had 3-4 players with little injures. Even our second goalkeeper was about to come from a substitution as a field player.

I tried to encourage the guys during the interval. I asked them to forget the last two minutes of the first half, as if the score was 0:0, and play in the second half with this disposition. I'm glad that the guys heard me and kept pressing and struggling in the second half.

Head coach of the team Belarus Andrey Pyshnik:

– We are satisfied with the results of the match. We could realize all playing schemes which we've planned. So we have the chance to get even the 2nd place in the tournament table. The fact that Belarus plays better then Belgium indicates that we do everything right.

We have talked with Korzun before the match, he promised to show his best and be the leader on the field. And he did everything he has promised. Two scored goals are there result of the schemed play of the whole team. It was very nice to go for a break with such score.

This match we have planned as a defensive game. I asked my players to be more attentive with the passes and single fights. This is the youth football and it depends a lot on the psychological condition of the sportsmen, that was obvious today. I don't think that they gave up after losing the match with Italy. Two scored goals changed the situation and the character of the game.

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