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Match № 21

The match № 21, group stage, sixth tournament day


January 10th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Ivan Sarayev, Vladislav Lyashko, Alexander Kuznetsov

Turkey: Tufan, Karaal, Kocuk, Ruzgar K. (Ekin, 68), Aydin N. (Taskiran, 46), Cicek (c), Ayaroglu (Ruzgar H., 79), Tuncer, Kaya, Bora (Ruzgar M., 90), Aydin B. (Aktas, 72).

Head coach: Hakan Tecimer

Kazakhstan: Golubnichii, Nurali, Kuzmenko (Kidirali, 57), Taipov, Ismailov, Saparov (c) (Sovetov, 61), Gagippar (Sagindik, 62), Dairov (Vomenko, 82), Gunusov, Morozov (Sahibov, 55), Sulei

Head coach: Mihail Soloviev

Goals: Ruzgar K. (38), Aydin B. (54), Kaya (63, own goal), Ekin (89)

Yellow cards: Bora (23), Kaya (40), Vomenko (85), Ekin (88)

Best players: Tugay Kaya, Saparov Altinbek

After match comments

Head coach of the team Turkey Hakan Tecimer:

– I would like to thank the team of Kazakhstan for the game. They were playing in their own style and tried to keep us at a distance. Apart from that, I don't want to give any comments about the game quality of my team and the match in general.

Head coach of the team Kazakhstan Mihail Soloviev:

– I congratulate the team of Turkey with the victory; I think they just were unlucky in previous matches. I considered Turkey the leader of the group before the tournament started. We played good with a strong opponent. I believe the first half was good; in the second, we managed to score a goal sfter the substitutions, but we lacked energy. At training we make good free kicks, but we fail to realise it in the game. It can be a matter of phsychics. The guys are tired after the matches we've played. They have a striving and come to the field in a good mood, but they lack energy to carry out the whole game as it was planned.

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