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Match № 20

The match № 20, group stage, fifth tournament day


January 9th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 2000 spectators

Referees: Nikolai Valoshin, Pyotr Miroshnichenko, Bolshakov Kirill

Russia: Lobantsev, Karavaev, Rebenko (c), Kalyashin, Ermakov, Kurzenev, Koryan, Efremov (Masyutin, 90), Nabiullin, Morgunov, Saramutin (Miranchuk Al., 75)

Senior coach: Dmitriy Ulyanov

Slovenia: Golubovich, Reja, Vuklisevic, Jazbec, Hotic, Benedicic, Sauprl (Vujcic, 82), Crnigoj , Stojanovic, Andrijasic, Curk (Corn, 59)

Head coach: Milos Kostic

Yellow cards: Andrijasic (3), Nabiullin (54), Stojanovic (66), Jazbec (83), Morgunov (86), Curk (88), Ermakov (88)

Best players: Miroslav Lobantsev, Petar Stojanovic

After match comments

Senior coach of the team Russia Dmitriy Ulyanov:

– We could play draw today and get into the semifinal. This fact seems to play a bad trick to my players. They relaxed and played slowly and often made mistakes. It was not my precept, it was in their mind. And it made feel rather nervous during the additonal time of the match, when we could let in a sudden goal without having time to score ourselves. But the players were not able to hear the shouts from the bench. And they had a kind of panic. It should be noted that our forwards often switched to individual actions before the penalty area or inside it. But they are skilled forwards, very technical, so they could risk, though there were chances to make a pass to the partners who were in a better position. What for the probable penalty kick for the collision of Lobantsev and a Slovenian player, I can't say firmly if the penalty kick shouldn have been appointed or not. We need to watch the video. We're happy to go to the play off round, now we have to prepare to the match with Ukraine. We haven't yet won them.

Head coach of the team Slovenia Milos Kostic:

– We were happy to participate in this tournament. I'm happy for my payers, they got a good experience. They got chance to play with strong national teams, and showed all their best in these matches. But unfortunately we were not allowed to win.

- What do you mean? Are not you satisfied with the judging?

- I don't want to comment my words. We were not allowed to win, you can understand it as you like. But everyone who saw the match will understand what I am talking about. I can't say anything about future matches because I didn't see the tournament table, so I don't know who we will play with. We came here to play football and when we will know our opponents we will clear up tactics and play for victory.

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