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Match № 19

The match № 19, group stage, fifth tournament day

GREECE – LATVIA 2:1 (1:0)

January 9th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Oleg Sokolov, Roman Milyuchenko, Pavel Novikov

Greece: Giagkiozis, Nafpliotis (Pasalidis 46), Myrthianos, Sotirakos (c), Foukaras (Popovits, 46), Begklektsis (Milios, 71), Kovatsis, Thanailakis (Vergos, 68), Poungouras, Polimos, Aronis (Vouros, 65)

Head coach: Theodoros Pachatouridis

Latvia: Viksna, Bragins, Klimashevichs, Knuts, Burmistris, Kirilins (c), Kazachoks , Ikaunieks (Dobrtulins, 74), Vitolnieks (Indrans, 56), Komarovs, Gutkovskis

Head coach: Vladimirs Babičevs

Goals: Thanailakis (23), Pasalidis (50), Klimashevichs (56)

Yellow cards: Kirilins (32), Kazachoks (33), Foukaras (43)

Best players: Konstantinos Begklektsis, Viksna Tomas

After match comments

Head coach of the team Greece Theodoros Pachatouridis:

– The game was good. We made good passes and could complete our attacking moments. I think it eas deserved victory. In the second half team of Latvia managed to score but it didn't change the situation and everything was under our control.

I have many players on the bench so I can substitute them in a way I think would be better. I give chance to play for all my sportsmen and what's more important it doesn't influence on the quality of the game.

Head coach of the team Latvia Vladimirs Babičevs:

– I'm grateful to my team, they played a good game. We just lacked energy; it's the matter of weariness. We can't vary our line-up as easyly as Greece does. Players of the first team sometimes can't get a proper substitution from the bench. We came to this tournament in order to study and gain experience. We do our job and will keep doing, for the tournament is still not finished.

We had fails in none of the three matches we've played. In the matches with Russia and Slovenia, as well as with Greece today we had scoring moments. It's difficult for us to initiate attacks, and we had to take out in each match. Yet, I believe in my team and I can see them progressing in every match.


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