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Match № 17

The match № 17, group stage, fifth tournament day


January 9th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Alexey Amelin, Stanislav Isaev, Rustam Mukhtarov

Czech: Krasny, Shevchik, Richter, Prosek (Matushek, 72), Holzer, Brosh, Shashinka (Jehlichko, 57), Michna, Kadlec, Kratochvil, Hulka (c)

Head coach: Josef Csaplar

Lithuania: Suvaizdis, Aleksandrivichus (c), Spietinis, Baravykas, Skripkinas (Lekeckas, 46, Pupsys, 90), Ankundinovas, Meistininkas (Segzda, 46), Judickas, Pangonis, Stulga (Kazubovicius, 46), Raziunas

Head coach: Antanas Vingiliys

Goals: Richter (6, 12), Matushek (82)

Yellow cards: Raziunas (29), Kratochvil (53), Aleksandrivichus (61), Spietinis (72)

Best players: Daniel Richter, Lucas Pangonis

After match comments

Head coach of the team Czech Republic Josef Csaplar:

– I'm happy with the results and I'm disappointed. I'm happy because we played our best and we won, just as we'd planned. And I'm disappointed because we haven't scored as much as we wanted. We are now only second in the group, whatever result the other opponents would show. However, we scored two fast goals, and we had chances to score more, but we didn't. The opponent seized the initiative and played quite secure. We managed to score in the end – it was the goal by the player who came from substitute. Although, I usually try to keep my best players on the pitch: those who come from the bench come to substitute tired players, not to reinforce the game.

Head coach of the team Lithuania Antanas Vingiliys:

– Our group is very strong, it includes best European teams. We should learn how to play with such opponents, it will help us to gain more experience. That's why I specially sent my new players to the field in the first half of the match, to show them what it is like to participate in such tournaments. As the result, the opponent didn't even let them enter his side of the field. That's why in the second half of the match more experienced sportsmen played there and we got chances to do counter attacks and free kicks. However players are not skilled enough yet. But we are working on it.

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