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Match № 16

The match № 16, group stage, fourth tournament day


January 8th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 5000 spectators

Referees: Igor Panin, Andrey Kuzhelev, Alexey Manin

Saint-Petersburg: Rudakov, Davidenko, Karpov, Kovalenko, Alfyorov, Troyanov, Dilanyan (Yakovlev, 69), Zakarlyuka (c) (Anuchin, 72), Makarov (Solovyev, 84), Yesin (Simonyan, 82), Yegorov

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachyonok

Belgium: Pirard, Rivituso, Spryut(c) (Yasar, 62), Borah-Sasar, Reuten, Mertens (Allegria, 75), Van Den Ackerveken, Decuypere (Hendrickx, 22), Van De Geuchte (Haagen, 14), Raeymaekers (Mauclet, 53), Van Der Heyden

Head coach: Van Geersom Marc

Goals: Zakarlyuka (59, pen.), Mauclet (74), Allegria (80)

Yellow cards: Van Den Ackerveken (38), Reuten (52), Kovalenko (79), Borah-Sasar (90)

Best players: Alexey Yegorov, Lucas Pirard

After match comments

Coach of the team Saint-Petersburg Anver Koneyev:

– First of all, I'd like to congratulate our opponents. In spite of the big number of injured players they showed a good defensive game and used their scoring moments. As for me, I admit that I've done a mistake with one of the substitutions which became the reason of our failure. I don't want to name that player. But we've lost this game exactly because of my mistake and I accept it. I couldn't induce my players to support their forwards. But today Yegorov again was intercepting upper balls, passing them to his mates, and they were failing to accept them. It is perhaps my fault as well, I couldn't explain them. On the other hand, today's failure will give us rage to win Italy. It's common for Russia – to back ourselves into corner and then try to find the way out.

Head coach of the team Belgium Van Geersom Marc:

– It was a difficult game. We expected it to be difficult, the guys had to adopt. But our patience was awarded, we scored two goals. We have already 5 or 6 injured. And during the last seconds I just wasn't able to substitute a player: I had no people on the bench. I wanted to send the goalkeeper, but he didn't have the shirt of an outfield player with his number. So we had to finish the game ten players. At that we didn't lose the initiative, we fought, trying to clow hold of each ball. And we managed it. Our scored goals were not just the luck. You should force the luck. The game lasts only 90 minutes, and we believed we could score. And now before the last match of the group stage we have to look whom we have safe. We'll build the game according to the opponent, but we may lack players for the whole tournament.

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