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Match № 15

The match № 15, group stage, fourth tournament day

BELARUS – ITALY 1:2 (0:0)

January 8th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 3500 spectators

Referees: Stanislav Vasilyev, Alexander Rodionov, Andrey Runov

Belarus: Frantskevich, Morozov (Belevich, 65), Kaborda, Ignatenko, Nazarenko (Patsko, 56), Bondarenko, Gorbachik, Korzun (c), Yarotsky, Rassadkin (Yanchenko, 80), Sidorenko(Kucherov, 60)

Head coach: Andrey Pyshnik

Italy: Gollini (c), Venuti, Barlocco (Iotti, 90), Cannataro (De Girolamo, 87), Monteleone, Cortinovis (Paolini, 84), Rosa Gastaldo (Cristante, 46), Casteletto, Aramu (Passamonti, 56), Crecco, Ferrante (Petagna, 46)

Head coach: Evahi Alberico

Goals: Cristante (68), Casteletto (71), Patsko (88)

Yellow cards: Rosa Gastaldo (10), Rassadkin (27), Ignatenko (62), Passamonti (60), Kucherov (70), Cortinovis (83), Bondarenko (90)

Best players: Frantskevich Matvey, Bryan Cristante

After match comments

Head coach of the team Belarus Andrey Pyshnik:

– The game was spectacular, battle. We've implemented what we had planned. I thank the guys for giving their best and I thank the opponent: it was interesting to play with team Italy today. I don't think we've deserved the defeat. Fortune sometimes is not on your side, that's it, and today we had just the case.

We again let in after a free kick, that's a problem for our team. But I'm working with this team not so long and I didn't have time to pay enough attention at this fact. We'll decide this question in future.

The second goal is entirely the mistake of the side defender. He had a wide choice of actions but he failed to kick out the ball. Perhaps weariness affected.

The last match we will play only for the victory, even though it has already no importance for the standings. Players improve with victories, and defeats are only for drawing conclusions.

Head coach of the team Italy Evahi Alberico:

– The game was not easy. I was not satisfied with the first half of the match but after the break we could improve and changed the situation. Moreover, we could score. Though, there were some players who didn't follow the scheme of the game. When Petagna and Cristante went in the game they really helped to strengthen our play in the attack.

It's worth to mention that our goalkeeper showed his best today. He didn't let the opponent's team to score, at least 2 times and in general had a good game. From my point of view, the key moment was when we scored the second goal. The sportsmen who did this, was called the best player of our team.

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