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Match № 11

The match № 11, group stage, third tournament day


January 7th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Mikhail Nebogatikov, Igor Sukharyonok, Alexander Kuznetsov

Latvia: Viksna, Bragins (Burmistris, 80), Klimashevichs, Knuts, Maksimovs (Vindedzis, 80), Kirilins (c), Kazachoks, Ikaunieks, Dobrtulins (Komarovs, 32), Vitolnieks, Gutkovskis

Head coach: Vladimirs Babiсevs

Slovenia: Golubovich (c), Reja, Vujcic (Benedicic, 77), Klemencic, Jazbec, Sauprl, Crnigoj, Stojanovic (Rudonja, 77), Andrijasic, Corn (Gasser, 90), Curk (Lazar, 87)

Head coach: Milos Kostic

Goals: Sauprl (61), Ikaunieks (90)

Yellow cards: Bragins (13), Kazachoks (51), Gutkovskis (65), Corn (65), Reja (70), Rudonja (90)

Best players: Knuts Karlis, Petar Stojanovic

After match comments

Head coach of the team Latvia Vladimirs Babiсevs:

– The first half of the match we played not good enough but after the break we managed to change the situation. I can thank my sportsmen for the second half of the game, especially for the ending. The fact that they scored the goal in the last minute became a good experience for guys. That was the result of their patience and their desire. Though at the beginning we have been planning to use different tactics in the game, but later we had to correct it at the time of the match itself. So when it happens like that, players change their strategy unconsciously and try to play as simple as possible. However, the free kick was lucky for us.

Head coach of the team Slovenia Milos Kostic:

– I thank the team of Latvia for being a worthy opponent. But this game was badly influenced by the referee. I usually do not comment referees, but it is to be talked about when they do not appoint an obvious penalty kick, favour the opponent team in petty fouls, and the goal is scored in the fifth minute of the added time, considering the fact that there were only three added. I can't find the words to express my disappointment. Today's game was against the referees, not against the team of Latvia, and that's not good for the young guys.

We watched the game between Russia and Latvia and considered the experience. Our opponents leave some space, and we took advantage of it. I'm sorry to say that the success in the first half played a low-down trick with our team. The guys relaxed, started to make mistakes and were losing the initiative with every minute. They are still not professionals. We made too many passes, forgot the long distance shoots and lost many goal chances.

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