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Published on Saturday, 12 January 2013
Coaches also want to play football

The unusual football tournament took part at the time of the XXV Valentin Granatkin Memorial. The participants of this competition were representatives of the teams, who play in the tournament: coaches, administration, doctors and masseuses. Four teams were formed according the group list: team «А» – Czech Republic, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Lithuania; team «B» – Slovenia, Latvia, Finland and Kazakhstan; in the «C»-team there were representatives of Turkey and the I. R. Iran, in the team «D» – of Belgium, Italy, Belarus and St.-Petersburg. To equalize the number of players in each team, two teams were straightened by the members of the Organization Committee. In the first semifinal the «Reds» (team «B») beat the «Whites» (team «A») with the score 2:0. The second semifinal the «Blues» won the «Yellows» with the same score. In the match for the 3rd place, the «Whites» defeated the tired «Yellows» team – 10:0 and in the final the «Reds» got chance to win the match against the «Blues» with the minimal score 0:1. The single goal was scored via a penalty kick by he participant of Granatkin Memorial and now the representative of the Organization Committee – Igor Sukhovey. In 1991 he took part in the tournament on the field, being a payer of the team «Smena» from Leningrad. Winners of the coach tournament got souvenirs with pictures of the St.-Perterburg.

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