Match № 7

The match № 7, (first group stage) second tournament day

AZERBAIJAN – RUSSIA-2  4:2 (1:1)

January 4th, 2015, St. Petersburg, SC Zenit, 500 spectators

Referees: Ilya Trishin, Ilya Dorogostoyskiy, Ivan Guryev

Azerbaijan: Gasimov, Agaverdiev, Madatov (Mammadli, 76), Zamanov, Jafarov, Nabiyev, Sarkarov (Jabrailov, 67), Huseynov (Asadov, 87), Sadigov (Akmurzaev, 80), Ulukhanov, Mustafazade (c)

Head coach: Nicolai Adam

Russia-2: Lazarev, Tarasov (Kalugin, 58), Matviychuk (Rasskazov, 58), Galanin (Selukov, 60), Terekhov (Pletnev, 62), Makhatadze (Tsigankov, 60), Galadjan (Denisov, 72), Lomovitskiy (Sedyh, 79), Kirillov (Kotov, 60), Lisov (Kudriavtsev, 58), Gogolev

Head coach: Mikhail Galaktionov

Goals: Galadjan (11), Sadigov (31, 57), Jafarov (48), Madatov (73), Selukov (90, pen.)

Yellow cards: Sarkarov (42), Ulukhanov (63), Kotov (86), Nabiyev (90)

Best players: Emin Zamanov, Ivan Galanin


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After match comments

Head coach of team Azerbaijan Nicolai Adam:

– I think today everybody could see a good match. Both teams showed quality game. The audience has to be satisfied with it. Our opponents from Russia-2 tried much and showed good skills. As for my team I 'm totally satisfied with the game.

– Two games in two days is quite a hard schedule. Do you have any problems with recovering?

– Yesterday we had a hard match with Japan and it is difficult to play two days in a row. I was afraid that my players will be exhausted quickly, but they have proved opposite point.

– We often heard you shout in Azerbaijanian to your players. Have you learnt the language?

– You see, my family and I have been living in Azerbaijan for 4 years. It is obviious that I can speak the local language as well. The result of today's match is also the consequence of 4 years work.

– The national team of Azerbaijan has been headed for a long time by your compatriot Berti Fogts. Now he retired. Has anything changed in the system of training?

– No essential changes has followed. We are working in Azerbaijan for 7 years. The technical director, by the way, is also German... Today we begin to reap the results of this work. The system of training and the objectives remained the same.

– 6 points in two games – it is a serious claim for leadership. What is the goal for you and your team?

– The way we have played today must be the minimum that we must show on the pitch. Yesterday we defended skillfully against Japan, today we perfectly use our scoring moments. As for the plans, we go from match to match and prepare for every next game. 

Head coach of team Russia-2 Mikhail Galaktionov:

– In spite of the fact, that all my players are 1998 year of birth, therefore, one year younger, we have given fight today. We're working with this team almost a year – since the April of 2014. They have good results in their age group. Recently we've won the qualifying stage for European Cup, passed to the elite round. Today we have some changes in the lineup getting it younger. So they are still studying each other. And before this tournament we met only on January, 2. I think all of this can explain some nervousness in our players' actions today. But I'm glad with their performance and dedication.

– Was it difficult to set the guys for such a match, considering their age gap?

– Absolutely not. The guys play at home, on a good pitch, in their set team. It's quite clear for everybody that such matches at such tournaments bring up real endurance, educate by bruises and bumps, and leave experience. So we had no problems with that. You've seen their fighting on the pitch. Yes, we've lost, and our opponent was better in some moments, but the guys fought till the end. The goal in the end of the game makes evidence.

– Your left side defender was number 11. Why did this number go to a defender?

– It's our problem position. We had to put there Alexander Lomovitskiy – our offence player – to patch the hole. As you see, he hasn't spoiled the game. Still in the second half I moved him to his usual position. You see, for the player's progress it was a good experience.

– An exception was made for your team, being allowed to make up to 11 substitutions in a match. What was the reason?

– Thanks to the organizers. We made use of it. It was not because of the age. Just in 4 days after Valentin Granatkin Memorial we will be participating in other international competition in Minsk. It's very important for us to have the guys safe. It was the only reason for our asking FUR authorities and the tournament organizing committee for an exception.

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