Match № 6

The match № 6, (first group stage) first tournament day

RUSSIA – MOLDOVA 2:0 (2:0)

January 3rd , 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 4000 spectators

Referees: Maxim Chernitsov, Pavel Novikov, Andrey Kuzhelev

Russia: Akmurzin, Maiorsky (Krasilnichenko, 46), Yevtushenko (Alibeckov, 78), Mamin, Skopintsev, Yamschikov (c) (Shanbiev, 46), Kipiani, Poluboyarinov (Mironov, 78), Malikov (Obolsky, 46), Melkadze, Akhmetov (Pronichev, 70)

Head coach: Sergey Kiryakov

Moldova: Cebotari N., Cusnir (Mardari, 46), Andriuhin, Bobrov, Ciornii, Apostol (c) (Gorban, 68), Bejenari, Cebotari U. (Mandricenko, 76), Cobet (Caruntu, 46), Gustiuc, Urvantev (Matei, 73)

Head coach: Pusca Ghenadie

Goals: Kipiani (9), Melkadze (45)

Yellow cards: Krasilnichenko (65), Bobrov (69), Mironov (80),

Best players: Akhmetov Ilzat, Vadim Bejenari


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After match comments

Head coach of team Russia Sergey Kiryakov:

– This pitch is too soft and players of different teams had cramped feet by the end of the match, our team isn't an exception... The start of the match was good for us, we played offensive from the very beginning, but unfortunately couldn't score. Minimal advantage that we got made players feel unconfident as the result - they made mistakes, changing the scheme of play for piling. In some episodes there were good combinations, especially with the wings, where we had our defenders connected to attack. In the second half we gave possibility to play to everyone in the team, we did it, mainly, according to the score...

– The day before yesterday you had celebrated your 45th anniversary. Can we say that your team made a present for you with this victory and for how many percent are you satisfied with such a present with the score 2:0? 90%?

– No, I think less than 90%. There were many mistakes in the match, that will be analyzed later and we will tell about it to our players. The team have to progress from match to match. I believe, that we will make right conclusions after this game and will improve on this tournament... There was a good present for me from my team today, for sure. The perfect 100% present would be the victory on the tournament.

Head coach of team Moldova Pusca Ghenadie:

– Sport result is very important, of course, but now we need to solve some different tasks. Today's game was the first one in fact for our team, considering the staff. Moreover, the weather in Kishinev influenced on our preparation plans. So, we study by playing...

– Still, your team stayed calm even with the given disappointing second goal just before the break – moreover, obviously it was a mistake of the goalkeeper, wasn't it?

– No. I have to say that no one ever said any complaint to the goalkeeper during the break. By the way, in the second half, our team presented more relaxed and flexible football and started to play more active, with no score pressure.

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