Match № 5

The match № 5 (first group stage), first tournament day

MOSCOW - FINLAND 0:1 (0:0)

January 3rd , 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 900 spectators

Referees: Anton Batalov, Ivan Kichimasov, Igor Korotkov

Moscow: Maiorov, Arslanov, Lelukhin (Udalov, 78), Kamyshev (c), Tumentsev, Sarveli (Mishersky, 84), Ezhov (Gaponov, 60), Krivolapov, Nikulin, Alexeev, Mostovoy

Head coach: Nikolay Larin

Finland: Uusitalo, Makinen (Jalli, 53), Vaisanen (Haglund, 74), Kalermo (c), Halme, Malolo (Laatikainen, 50), Jakonen (Hamalainen, 57), N'Sombo (Kairinen, 85), Ala-Myllymaki, Lehtonen (Sjostedt, 74), Untamala (Lingman, 57)

Head coach: Jarkko Wiss

Goals: Lehtonen (69)

Yellow cards: Alexeev (49), Ala-Myllymaki (65), Sjostedt (90), Haglund (90)

Best players: Markus Uusitalo, Ilya Kamyshev


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After match comments

Head coach of team Moscow Nikolay Larin:

– It was a good and dynamic match. I'm satisfied with our actions in attack, by its thought. But we have problems with scoring. We had made many sharp moments but couldn't score. As in saying: if you don't score – it will be scored to you. Here is the same. We couldn't score and got – 0:1. As the result – we have zero points. If we have less mistakes in passes – everything will be fine. I can repeat, I like our game, but there is no points.

– When your player fails 100% situation to score, what do you think at the moment?

Nothing. It means we fail to teach our players how to realize scoring moments. Everything else can be described by the words: the result is on the table. Messi can turn any moment to the goal, but we fail them. Oh, these youth!

– It seemed like your players had scored muscles by the end of the match, didn't they?

– Yes, I can agree. There are too much crumb on the pitch. The pressure for the calves is too high and the feet were cramped a bit by the end.

– It looked like your players started the match very roughly. Was it because of excitement or it was your plan?

– I didn't notice much roughness. It was normal game. As for the excitement, it was at the beginning for sure. It is international tournament, big one, for sure players are overexcited though many of them has already played in the second league and in other big competitions. The level of responsibility in matches of team of Moscow is much higher – so the excitement was bigger. But, it is normal.

Head coach of team Finland Jarkko Wiss:

– I am satisfied with the game. We faced a strong opponent, strong team of Moscow. Thus, I am pleased with the game and the score. Still, that was an issue concerning the data of the tournament: we had no games for two months, so we had only 3-4 trainings before the game. Moreover, the pitch is much softer than last year, more crumby. We will observe the players' condition tomorrow, how much time it will take for recovery.

– Can you agree that your team had succeeded thanks to the goalkeeper saves. Otherwise, one goal would not be enough to win.

– No, I do not see it like that. The victory belongs to the whole team. In addition, if the goalkeeper managed to save several complex kicks, the field players tried to score and they achieved it. Therefore, I am not going to highlight only one player, only the team as it is.

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