Match № 45

The match № 45 (Final)


January 11th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 7500 spectators

Referees: Pavel Shadykhanov, Pavel Novikov, Ivan Kichimasov

Russia: Akmurzin, Yevtushenko (Maiorsky, 69), Mamin, Skopintsev, Yamschikov (c) (Shanbiev, 39), Poluboyarinov, Obolsky, Mironov, Akhmetov, Alibeckov, Krasilnichenko (Pronichev, 39)

Head coach: Sergey Kiryakov

Republic Korea: Song, Kim M., Kim S., Kang J., Lim, Han C., Kim D. (Han B., 70), Park (Lee J.,82), Choe, Shin, Lee D. (c)

Head coach: An Iksoo

Goals: Kang (33), Obolsky (78), Pronichev (90)

Yellow cards: Han C. (44), Lim (79), Pronichev (90)

Red card: Kim M. (after the end of the match)

Best players: Danil Poluboyarinov, Ikjin Choe


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After match comments

Head coach of team Russia Sergey Kiryakov:

– It was a very emotional match! We faced two issues before it: two leaders couldn't play. Melkadze was injured last game; Kipiani had got fever – 39C. We had no right to risk his health. We eagered to do tactics changes. Particularly, we moved Skopintsev (defender)further on the wing. In fact, he played left forward and we saw how uncomfortable it was for him. We missed a ball first half – and again we needed to change the game. We substituted twice, attacking players joined the game. But opponent was well prepared, studied our games and didn't let us to create through the wings. The next upgrades were made during the break – I told players to deliver a ball to goal area even from semiposition where our forward Obolsky should make opponents to battle for the ball, while other players – Pronichev, Shanbiev – to be ready to support it. I had noted that Korean goalkeeper never came out from the goalway and suggested that plan. And at the end of the match we were managed at last to push team of Republic Korea and to score two vital goals. So I congratulated my team. All of them done a great job. I don't want to mark anyone in separate – everyone earned warm words.

– Winning goal at the final was scored by Zenith player Pronichev. Did he deserve more than be just substituted from the bench?

– I have told already and I can repeat: Pronichev has come to national team in a bad physical condition. It was problematically for him to start play from the very beginning. The same is Melkadze, his opponent for this position didn't give any reasons for changes in the line-up. Today Pronichev got his chance, came to the pitch and made everything perfect. He is a good player, but he still needs to improve much.

– In spite of a great territory domination in the second half you didn't force your actions for long, didn't go va-bank. Only in 20 minutes till the final whistle you have started to push massively...

– The task was the following: to speed up the game, work faster with a ball, to make to touches as maximum. We needed fast transfer of the ball from wing to wing in order to destroy the defense of Korean team, which managed to coordinate according to the ball till the moment. We have simplified the game for the last 15 minutes delivering ball to Obolsky hoping for his head-play. So Koreans got nervous at the end. We felt it and could press the opponent till the end. As for Obolsky I have waited till the last minute that he could shoot – so he got it and realized properly.

– Can you compare your emotions winning the tournament as a player of USSR team and being a coach of today's team?

– That things are totally different. I could only say that the team I played for had won more secure and steadily with no such stressful ending.

– How are you going to celebrate your victory? Cola, lemonades or something more interesting?

– No, we have no time for that. Now we are moving to hotel to have a dinner and then we go to railway station. Only in the train we would grab some Cola and allow some pizza. Nothing else. That is prohibited in our team.

Head coach of team Republic Korea Iksoo An:

– I thank the organizing committee for invitation one more time. It is valuable experience for us, especially such matches as today. We faced a strong opponent! We will analyze our weak points that appeared today.

– Kim Daewon the left winger on your team was sound during the whole tournament. HE was also active today made a lot of work and did much troubles for defenders to Russian team, but in the middle of second half you have substituted him suddenly. What were the reasons?

– It wasn't tactical decision. Kim Daewon made a huge work on this tournament and was exhausted. Moreover, I will remind that the main aim of our coming to this tournament was checking of all players, who were included in national team.

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