Match № 44

The match № 44 (for the 3rd place)


January 11th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 5300 spectators

Referees: Maksim Chernetsov, Aleksandr Rodionov, Dmitry Ermakov

Slovenia: Dedic, Klemencic, Ahec, Ivkic, Elsnik, Repas (Omerovic, 19), Mrkonja (Florjanc, 89), Zuzek (Tijanic, 58), Vodisek, Skrbec, Orginec

Head coach: Igor Benedejcic

St. Petersburg: Kizeev (c), Maykov, Romanov (Tiaglo, 60), Krugovoy, Novopashin, Andreev, Ivanov, Kosolapov, Slaschev, Vodiannikov (Martirosian, 56), Kutsero (Garibov, 74)

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachioniok

Goal: Omerovic (47)

Yellow cards: Omerovic (42), Elsnik (50), Garibov (90)

Red card: Elsnik (81, 2nd y.c.)

Best players: Marko Klemencic, Mikhail Slaschev


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After match comments

Head coach of team Slovenia Igor Benedejcic:

– We watched match St. Petersburg-Korea Republic, so we had a good chance to prepare and to define the potentially dangerous players for us. The game was benefitial for us, but I would congratulate the opponent – we were better in the first half, they dominated in the second.

– What happened to number 8? Does he have an injury and is it serious?

– Yes, he has one. We don't know about the details – we are waiting for the doctor's verdict. We know that he injured his calf.

– The main team of Slovenia often wins with a score 1:0: forwards score, defenders Brecko and Cesar secure the goal, Hondanovic never misses. Do you copy schemes of national team?

– We can't say that it is our common model. It happened that we played with a score 1:0, but mostly because of lack of time to prepare in a proper way. We are with a team for the second time which is not much to make everything set up. And please take into account that we have 2 million people in the country and that is not a big base to choose players.

– Is it important for Slovenian team to succeed in such prestigious tournament?

– Personally for me it means a lot, no doubts. And we are with officials do understand that the results prove the way we chose to move. Once again, we thank organizers for the invitation – the atmosphere is great, very friendly, and we hope to come next year.

Coach of team St. Petersburg Alexander Nizelik:

– It is hard to get rid of negative emotions right now after the game. We lost. We couldn't take the prizes. We didn't get the aim we have put before this certain match. But in general emotions after the tournament are positive only. I'm glad that our guys in spite of the defeat in last 2 matches, showed their characters, their desire to fight on the one level with national teams. They dominated in the match with Korea Republic. And also today with Slovenian team they played well. May be we lacked today those emotions that we couldn't get if we had passed to the Final. But anyway, our guys had initiative today and made moments. I'm happy with their mood, with their attitude and I'm very upset that these qualitites weren't rewarded on advantage.

– Question is about forwards of your team. Andreev has started tournament quite well but then he handed over. Is he have not enough physics or there are different reasons?

– Do not forget that we play in a very tough schedule and it is obvious that there is no such freshness as at the beginning of the tournament. Plus, you could note that he spent nearly all the matches without substitution, except the match against Slovakia, as far as I remember. We substituted him in five minutes till the final whistle. Now imagine what amount of work he done in 17 years. At the same time you see, that he is not strong enough, still growing. And do not forget that our opponents did not sleep. Korea Republic always added the defensive midfielder to help the wing defender, so Andreev faced not the one opponent but always two. I don't agree that he wasn't good enough in the match with Korea Republic, he made sharp moments, did free kicks. To my mind the previous 2 matches he looked worthy.

– What about Martirosian, he comes only for substitution. He makes game more live, but he is not in the lineup. Does he lack physical conditions?

– There is no problem with him. We have 20 players. 18 field players and 2 goalkeepers. It is the question of choice. We have Garibov who is stronger and bigger and we have David who is fast and sharp. It is rotation and the fact David didn't get too much playing time – doesn't mean he is not ready physically. His freshness and sharpness let us improve at the end of matches.

– How this tournament did help you as a coach?

– It is a great experience participating Valentin Granatkin Memorial.

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