Match № 43

The match № 43 (for the 5th place)

BELARUS – AZERBAIJAN 1:1 (0:1) pen. 4:5

January 11th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 2200 spectators

Referees: Dmitriy Lipovoy, Andrey Kuzhelev, Ilya Dorogostayskiy

Belarus: Rabtsevich (Sinenko, 90), Ivanov, Kapskiy, Butarevich, Bessmertniy (Butko, 81), Gromiko, Velko (c) (Khanevich, 90), Alexandrovich (Kuharchik, 66), Khvalko, Rasheniya, Uzepchuk

Head coach: Alexey Vergeenko

Azerbaijan: Sahin (Gasimov, 88), Tashgin, Agaverdiev (Mammadli, 66), Madatov (Karimzade, 63), Zamanov, Jafarov, Nabiyev, Huseynov, Sadigov, Ulukhanov (Jabrailov, 88), Mustafazade (c) (Asadov, 82)

Head coach: Nicolai Adam

Goals: Sadigov (22, pen.), Uzepchuk (67)

Yellow cards: Rabtsevich (21), Nabiev (25), Huseynov (34), Zamanov (42), Sadigov (73), Kapskiy (90)

Best players: Evgeniy Velko, Emin Zamanov


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After match comments

Head coach of team Belarus Alexey Vergeenko:

– It was a very interesting match with many scoring moments each team created. Game was entertaining, I am sure supporters loved it.

– Traditionaly, you were always very emotional while managing the team from the bench, you've advised Uzepchuk a lot: «Uzik, Uzik!» Why it was him who earned your major attention?

– The thing is that he played on the wing that is next to the bench (smiles). Seriously, I advised all of them, nor only Uzepchuk. I cheered them up. Tournament is serious, schedule is tough, and team Russia defense was tough too. Guys needed the words of support.

– It seemed, that Belarus started to play only after the goal missing and couple of tough play moments with opponent...

– Exactly, we missed the charisma leader for emotional burst.

– Before penalty shot-out you've substituted goalkeeper – Sinenko went to Rabtsevich

– That was a phsychological trick.

– You took sixth final tournament position. How can you estimate that result with a 5-point bar?

– I wouldn't estimate the participation according to the taken position. What is for the game, I would estimate it with 4 with a minus.

Head coach of team Azerbaijan Nicolai Adam:

– I'm satisfied, we took the fifth place on the tournament with 18 participants. It is a historical day for our team! I want to thank our opponents for a good game, I thank my players for the same, I thank my staff and a separate gratitude for Football Federation of Azerbaijan, that let and entrust me to lead this team. Also I'm grateful for our fans – it is pleasant to play in such an atmosphere.

– Because of the disqualification you were made to watch this match from the tribune. Do you like this point of observation and will you repeat this experience?

– It is really different experience to watch the match from the stands but it was convenient for me. As for repeat of such experience, it is better to ask referee about it.

– Both coaches have substituted goalkeepers before the penalty shootout. What reasons did you have for substitution of Sahin for Gasimov?

– If you remember I did the same thing previous year. It works as you could be convinced. We have 2 good goalkeepers in our team. I would like to thank one more time our staff, the coach of goalkeepers is a real enthusiast of his job. Gasimov by the way is a real penalty kick killer.

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