Match № 40

The match № 40 (for the 11th place)

LATVIA – FINLAND 0:1 (0:0)

January 11th, 2015, St. Petersburg, SC Zenith, 300 spectators

Referees: Aleksey Avtukhovich, Ivan Guryev, Ivan Kichimasov

Latvia: Zommers, Sorokins, Rubezis, Packo (Kigurs, 68), Osipovs (Silings, 46), Tumanovs, Sovers (Dobrecovs, 61), Jakovlevs, Sibass, Ivanovs, Korzans (Zalaks, 54)

Head coach: Vladimirs Babichevs

Finland: Uusitalo, Pitkanen, Vaisanen, Haglund (Jakonen, 46), Lingman (N'Sombo, 66), Jalli (Kalermo, 70), Ala-Myllymaki (c), Hamalainen (Halme, 81), Sjostedt (Makinen, 46), Untamala (Lehtonen, 64), Kairinen (Laatikainen, 58)

Head coach: Jarkko Wiss

Goal: Jakonen (51)

Yellow cards: Pitkanen (75), Ivanovs (90)

Best players: Niks Rubezis, Nicholas Hamalainen


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After match comments

Head coach of team Latvia Vladimirs Babichevs:

– The game was equal up to the goal. We just were unlucky.

– In the beginning your team was more active. Why haven't you managed to convert your advantage into a goal?

– Because one must make a goal kick. I don't think the goal we let in has broken the guys. It's the last game and it's very hard to revenge. And we spent more time in defense than in attack.

Head coach of team Finland Jarkko Wiss:

– I think this victory was deserved. We had a solid defense and we had scoring moments.

– Your substitution was successful (I mean Jakonen). Was it your good intuition?

– The tournament is long. The players get tired, and it's not the season now. What for the intuition, I think it was. I watch the guys at each game and I see where they are strong and where not. Everybody does what he can for his team.

– Are you satisfied with the tournament in a whole?

– Yes, I am. There were good moments – for example, the draw with team Korea where we stood to the last minutes. Team Korea is very strong and we survived it with the score 1:1. We had a few other good games. We could have taken a better final position but I don't care about it, I needed to watch my guys. And I thank the organizing committee, everything was excellent.

– You said you have been watching Russian football since five years old. Do you like Russian football?

– Yes. I like technical football and technical players. I think team Russia is very strong. Last year we met this team and lost. I think your players can show a good playing at the World Cup.

– Are you dreaming to have World Cup in Finland?

– You don't know how much.

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