Match № 4

The match № 4 (first group stage), first tournament day


January 3rd, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 900 spectators

Referees: Alexander Borisov, Alexey Manin, Ivanov Alexandr

Japan: Kojima, Fujitani (Noda 76), Nakayama, Syouji, Urata, Miyoshi (Kobayashi 69), Naganuma (Kubota 73), Kishimoto, Sugimori (Ogawa 57), Sasaki, Sakai (c)

Head coach: Uchiyama Atsushi

Azerbaijan: Gasimov, Agaverdiev, Mammadli (Sarkarov 46), Madatov (Sadigov 83) , Zamanov, Jafarov (Jabrailov 90), Akmurzaev (Karimzade 68), Ulukhanov, Nabiyev, Huseynov (Tashgin 90), Mustafazade (c)

Head coach: Adam Nicolai

Goal: Jafarov (7)

Yellow cards: Mammadli (16), Kasimoto (30), Akmurzaev (39), Sarkarov (51)

Best players: Takumi Sasaki, Mahir Madatov


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After match comments

Head coach of team Japan Uchiyama Atsushi:

– The opponent appeared to be well organized and pretty «ropy» team. With a football demonstrated by national team of Azerbaijn it was quite difficult to reach their goal. Thus, we failed to score a single goal.

– Can you agree that the result of the game is sensational?

– Football is a game, anything can happen. Our opponent was managed to score a fast goal – then they turned to the defensive tactics, satisfied with the score. Thus, Azerbaijan prospered to achive that goal till the final whistle.

– Basically all the attacks of your team were realized through the captain of national team of Japan – midfielder Sakai Daisuke. The opponent got used to that and tried to secure Sakai especially in the centre of pitch. Do you see different strategies to tackle or you find Sakai an irreplaceable player?

– Sakai is a captain and attacks organizer, but, of course, we are not a team that depends on one single player.

Head coach of team Azerbaijan Adam Nicolai:

– It is the second time I come to St.Petersburg for Valentin Granatkin Memorial. Last year I had wished myself to come back here and the destiny gave me this chance. Today we beat a strong team! So, my emotions are really great now, what can I add... Was it a sensation? Yes, I can agree with such definition.

– There was a surprise today with the choice of goalkeeper for this match. Why did you prefer Agaseid Gasymov to goalkeeper of German "Kaiserslautern" Shahin Tolga?

– I was guided only by my own feelings, intuition. Also I kept in mind that Tolga had missed our last training session.

– Your team has scored quickly. It was very lucky for you, paying attention that start of the game was failed...

– It was the second match on this pitch today. Probably, we had lack of reparation, that is why I'm totally satisfied with the victory.

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