Match № 38

The match № 38 (for the 15th place)

ESTONIA – MOSCOW 0:2 (0:2)

January 11th, 2015, St. Petersburg, SC Zenit, 300 spectators

Referees: Aleksandr Dobrolyubov, Vasiliy Yakovlev, Denis Matveyev

Estonia: Tsvetkov, Kummer, Lilander (Villota, 86), Kokla (c), Riiberg, Roosnupp, Kannel, Roog, Makarov (Mutso, 60), Tauts, Rande (Krusel, 79)

Head coach: Marko Lelov

Moscow: Maiorov, Arslanov (Udalov, 35), Lelukhin, Kamyshev (c), Boikov, Tumentsev, Sarveli (Filippov, 75), Krivopalov (Melnik, 55), Nikulin, Alexeev (Gaponov, 60), Kasatkin

Head coach: Leonid Ablizin

Goals: Kasatkin (6), Nikulin (42)

Yellow cards: Kokla (58), Mutso (65), Roosnupp (66), Kasatkin (89)

Red card: Kokla (75, 2nd y.c.)

Best players: Herol Riiberg, Daniil Tumentsev


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After match comments

Head coach of team Estonia Marko Lelov:

– Difficult to say what exactly was wrong today (sighing).

– Perhaps it was lack of individual skills?

– One of the reasons of the defeat was the weariness. But of course it doesn't justify us. In the first half we didn't manage to complete our plan because the distance between lines was too big. But the guys have done well, after the break they mended it and could show their playing.

– You didn't manage to repeat last year's result. What estimation would you give to your team?

– You see, players of this year of birth are a different team. They demand a special approach. When players are more developed individually the team will be able to show a better result.

– So it's about the individual skills?

– It's more about individual understanding of the game and one's actions in personal duels. The point is that individual analysis of the game reflects on the general course of the match.

– Did you like the organization and the new regulations?

– The organization is perfect! The games, the trainings, the food, and the accommodation – everything on the highest level. The regulations are difficult to compare with the last year, of course. It's hard to play two days on end. Hard for both the players and the coaches. The coaches must have a good analysis over the past match and think of the instructions for the next game. And they must deliver it all to the players. Without reserve, we are short of time for it.

Head coach of team Moscow Leonid Ablizin:

– We were stronger a bit. Sometimes I had to shout. The final rating of our team on this tournament surely leaves much to be desired. Objectively, we shouldn't have got in the last six. But it turned so. It's football. Yet the guys have got a priceless experience.

– How did you set the team for the game after the defeat from Greece?

– There are no words "to set for the game" in my practice. If you are coming on the pitch you must be set for the game, otherwise you shouldn't come. All the guys are well aware of my demands.

– You are giving quite rough comments to your players. Is it bringing up the character?

– No, just emotions. I'm a very soft person, and they know it. My emotions can be shown only in the game.

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