Match № 37

The match № 37 (match for the 17th place)


January 11th, 2015, St. Petersburg, SC Zenit, 450 spectators

Referees: Aleksandr Borisov, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Yevgeniy Kuznetsov

Kazakhstan: Grubov, Abdezh (Muftolla, 71), Abdrazakov, Tinibek, Luhay, Mirsalimbaev (Kotov, 77), Gladchenko (c), Makuov, Andreev, Oralbay (Smailov, 77), Kuanishbay (Slambekov, 61)

Head coach: Sergey Tagiev

Russia-2: Tushev, Kalugin, Matviychuk, Galanin (Tsigankov, 46), Terekhov (Pletnev, 46), Makhatadze (Kotov 75), Galadjan (c) (Denisov, 70), Lomovitskiy (Kudriavtsev, 79), Kirillov (Selukov, 62), Lisov (Sedyh, 62), Gogolev

Head coach: Mikhail Galaktionov

Goals: Makhatadze (8, pen.), Kirillov (54, own goal), Pletnev (55), Mirsalimbaev (56), Tsigankov (60), Selukov (69)

Best players: Faruh Mirsalimbaev, Georgy Makhatadze


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After match comments

Head coach of team Kazakhstan Sergey Tagiev:

– We thank the organizing committee for the excellent tournament, for the invitation and possibility to take part in it. It goes without saying that we are disappointed with our final rating. You can't be satisfied when you've lost all the matches. But the main result is that we could watch all our guys on the pitch and gave to the first reserve a possibility to perform. Of course, there are lots of mistakes. We'll draw some conclusions. Our major competitions this year are Europe Championship qualifications, and our main effort is to prepare to them.

Head coach of team Russia-2 Mikhail Galaktionov:

– I've said already that we took Valentin Granatkin Memorial as a training for the great competitions in Minsk. We're leaving for Belarus on January, 14. Speaking about this game, it might sound strange, I'm less satisfied with my players' actions than in previous matches. Today's results does not correspond the quality of playing we demand from our players.

– How can you comment on the goal feast from the minute 54 to 60?

– We warned the players during the break that they shouldn't give space to the opponents, and in no case should they lose concentration. Yet, it has happened what we had feared: the unnecessary foul, we let the opponents being able to receive and keep the ball in our penalty area, and the goal comes as a consequence. What we've scored was the result of our flank attacks. While giving instructions for the match we drew attention to the opponents' playing – team Kazakhstan fall deep back in defense. So the main tension was placed on the side midfielders.

– For your team the tournament is over. Can you draw any conclusions?

– We have passed the tournament without losses. You see, all the guys were on two-weeks holidays for New Year. It was very important for us to finish the tournament without injuries. We played against very serious opponents: Japan, Greece, Azerbaijan, and they are one year older. It's a very good experience for our team. Tonight we are gathering to revise the competition and to name the 18 players who will go to Minsk. As you understand, not all of them will get into the final applying list. Then we'll give the players two days of rest and go to Belarus on January, 14.

– Do you consider your team were progressing at this tournament?

– We had a thorough analysis of individual playing for everyone. You may have noticed that we let some players – Makhatadze, for instance – spend more time on the pitch; thus we were dosing the load. The playing condition of the guys is very important for us now. Yet, the guys might have got into the game but they are still mistaking too much. We have to work on it. I had many questions to my players in the course of the game.

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