Match № 35

The match № 35 (second group stage), sixth tournament day


January 9th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 3800 spectators

Referees: Evgeniy Galimov, Ilya Dorogostaisky, Andrey Kuzhelev

Korea Republic: Song, Kim M., Kim S., Kang J. (Han, 58), Lim M. (Lee J., 78), Han C., Kim D., Park (Byun, 82; Kwon, 86), Choe, Shin (Chanyang, 16), Lee D. (c) (Na, 89)

Head coach: Jarkko Wiss

St. Petersburg: Kizeev, Maykov (Krugovoy, 46), Starikov (c) (Novopashin, 45), Tiaglo (Smirnov, 86), Andreev, Ivanov I. (Ivanov S., 36), Kosolapov, Garibov (Martirosian, 66), Slaschev, Vodiannikov, Kutsero (Romanov, 80)

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachenok

Goal: Kang (30)

Yellow cards: Dongdjin (12), Woo (47), Chanhee (73), Kutsero (54)

Red card: Woo (90, 2nd y.c.)

Best players: Aleksey Kosolapov, Song Bumkeun


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After match comments

Head coach of team Korea Republic:

– The game was good, both teams played well. Once again, we are here to develop our skills, to watch players who came here. Today, according to the results, we gained a very useful experience. We are glad to play here, in St. Petersburg, and we would love to be invited again..

– At the end of the game an interesting trick has happened. You've substituted Park with Byun on 82th minute, but three minutes later you've substituted Byun again, with no injures occured. What have influenced on the reversed substitution?

– In the process of learning we need to take into account some moments when football player is not ready for the game in that very minute. Thus, these kind of substitutions work on to «wake up» a player and help him to progress.

– On the last minute of the game your defender Woo Chanyan got the red card. It means that he will miss the final match of the tournament. Is it a serious loss for your team?

– Yes, it causes some difficulties. We will need to revise our strategy.

Head coach of team St. Petersburg Vladimir Kazachenok:

– Don't mislead with the way of today's match. Our opponent can attack and can defend. This team played today for the result and by the score. As for us, we had to score. Unfortunately, and I said it before, we need a forward who can at least press the defense of the opponent... I want to congratulate my colleague with the deserved victory.

– You were compelled to make two substitutions in the first half already. It seemed like medical staff made everything to keep the captain Starikov in the game, but the injury affected. How serious were changes that you have made in the game before the break?

– Two substitutions in the first half – it is difficult situation. But this team of St. Petersburg is nearly equal in level. The squad is plain enough in its playing conditions. In general, these substitutions didn't influence much.

– How will you estimate the play of your goalkeeper in this match?

– He can play better. And he must do it.

– In all the matches of team St. Petersburg you have changed midfielder Ivanov for another midfielder Ivanov, Ilya for Sergey...

– Explanation is very simple. If you have noticed, both Ivanovs play the on the same position on the pitch.

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