Match № 33

The match № 33 (second group stage), sixth tournament day


January 9th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Ilya Trishin, Aleksey Manin, Aleksandr Kuznetsov

Latvia: Zommers, Sorokins, Rubezis, Gulbis (Ivanovs, 46), Packo, Osipovs (Sibass, 74), Juhnevics (c) (Jakovlevs, 46), Silings, Dobrecovs (Sovers, 56), Tumanovs, Zalaks (Korzans, 53)

Head coach: Vladimirs Babichevs

Lithuania: Adamonis, Valvonis (Juska,90), Bracevicius, Sveikauskas, Lasickas, Jurgelevicius, Matulevicius (Janonis, 80), Barauskas, Virksas (Donela, 89), Blazevicius (Miklovis, 84), Megelaitis

Head coach: Darius Butkus

Goals: Jurgelevicius (44), Barauskas (50)

Yellow cards: Megelaitis (29), Sveikauskas (74), Valvonis (89), Packo (90)

Best players: Antons Tumanovs, Aurimas Jurgelevicius


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After match comments

Head coach of team Latvia Vladimirs Babichevs:

– No claims concerning the dedication, we had just a lack of freshness. We knew what to expect from the rival, but the loss of concentration led to the missed balls and failed to score with all the moments we had.

– What influenced on realization?

– We need to work on and to construct the skills. Every game we do create sharp moments, which are good, but we have issues with realization. In the game with Bulgarians we needed to score at the last minute. Players are very young – they need to develop their skills, discipline, mental control.

– Supporters and journalists at the tournament are used to Latvia team playing with the same lineup, while substitutions are taking at the end. However today, you have substituted the central defender, play-maker and captain during the break, and you dismiss both forwards at the beginning of the second half!

– Injuries... Our captain Juhnevics suffered while playing. Dobrecovc – just the same. Gulbis was injured within the hit. The losses in lineup caused some issues, all of them are leaders of the team, moreover, the leaders of their own playing line. However, all of that are excuses. We've lost, nothing to add.

– You are always very participating within guiding the game of your team. But the second half you were doing it more detailed, just for every second!

– At the second half some of the players who didn't play before – entered the game. Moreover, some of them were forced to play on the different positions – the defender played for the midfielder. Then, I took that team just recently and I saw it just from the distance. Our players are young and it is necessary to guide their game and consolidate the common efforts.

– Please, estimate the tournament formula, where the one defeat on the first group stage may lead to the automatic loss of the prizes place.

– The normal formula with dynamic play schedule. We just need to get used to it. And to win matches.

– What was a principle for your team to play with neighbors?

– We had no task to win. We will see who is stronger in summer. Significant part of the players are in Riga now. In summer, we have a traditional Baltic Cup with participation of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland.

Head coach of team Lithuania Darius Butkus:

– I'm satisfied with my team. We were a bit fresher today... And it is specially pleasant that we began to score the goals!

– The first goal was score by the birthday man Aurimas Jurgelevicius (He celebrates 18 years on 9th of January – ed. comments). But before he had a perfect opportunity to score one on one with a goalkeeper, but failed...

– I can say that he had scoring moments not only today, but some psychological problems spoiled him the game. At last Jurgelevicius has scored, it means he will improve.

– You didn't make substitutions till the very end. Were you satisfied how the match was going? Didn't you afraid that there would be not enough strengths for the match on 11th of January?

– No, I wasn't afraid. As for the substitutions... In the last game we made them too early.

– What is your opinion about the schedule of the tournament?

– If the organizers invented this way it is justified.

– Will you reinforce your team by the summer to Baltic Cup? Was it it principal for you to win Latvia today?

– I believe we can improve more. We have some losses in the lineup also, one of our forwards had torn a muscle and has gone home... As for principality, the matches between neighbours are often interesting and principal.

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