Match № 32

The match № 32 (second group stage), sixth tournament day

MOSCOW – GREECE 1:4 (0:1)

January 9th, 2015, St. Petersburg, SC Zenit, 300 spectators

Referees: Pavel Kukuyan, Ivan Kichimasov, Yevgeniy Kuznetsov

Moscow: Perevozkin, Arslanov, Lelukhin, Kamyshev (c), Boikov, Tumentsev, Sarveli, Krivopalov (Melnik, 77), Alexeev, Mostovoy (Udalov, 77), Mishersky (Nikulin, 46)

Head coach: Leonid Ablizin

Greece: Katsimitros, Pantekidis, Triantafyllopoulos, Patralis (c) (Angelopoulos, 84), Kakko, Gkrosios, Moraitis, Plegas (Lamprou, 67), Karakoutis (Regkakos, 47), Vidalis, Kesidis

Head coach: Ioannis Gkoumas

Goals: Karakoutis (29), Plegas (49, pen.), Sarveli (60), Kakko (71), Regkakos (74)

Yellow cards: Karakoutis (34), Alexeev (49), Plegas (56), Vidalis (66), Regkakos (74)

Best players: Amirkhan Arslanov, Stefanos Regkakos


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After match comments

Head coach of team Moscow Leonid Ablizin:

– As it turns out the Greeks were more inspired for the game – especially in the first half. And they opened the score. Our team was, as I put it "frozen cooked shrimps", for that moment. We improved by the second half and returned the goal, but two absolutely silly mistakes have nullified all our prospects for this game.

– Football players are often superstitious. What about you?

– Not at all! I guess you refer the home uniform? Indeed, we played as a home team for the first time on the tournament and chose the red uniform. But this doesn't mean anything. The ball is round, there are two teams on the pitch, and the colour of the uniform is accorded with the regulations.

– Returning to the game, in the second half you let in Udalov and he visibly improved the right wing's playing. Why hasn't he come on the pitch in the starting lineup?

– To my opinion, the guys who come in the starting lineup look stronger. At the moment Anton is a trifle behind, though he is one of the first who come to substitution. I know he will come and strengthen the offence.

Head coach of team Greece Ioannis Gkoumas:

– I think we won by the deeds. I'm satisfied with the actions of my team. And generally I'm sure if it hadn't been for the misfortune of our previous games we would surely have entered the first five best of the tournament.

– You have changed the goalkeeper after the last game. What was the reason?

– This wasn't a change connected with my discontent to our goalkeeper. You see, we've let many new players in the starting lineup today. You can say we started today's game in the second lineup. But that's a normal rotation, nothing more.

– In the episode with the penalty kick you were shouting: "Plegas! Plegas!" Is he your normal penalty kick performer?

– Yes. I consider him to be a good penalty kick specialist. Plus, he is always quiet and psychologically steady.

– At the warming up we saw your players enthusiastically trained with your liaison officer...

– This guy has an excellent technique. I'm not joking. He knows Greek, and had he been a little bit younger I would have had pleasure to invite him to our team!

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