Match № 31

The match № 31 (second group stage), sixth tournament day


January 9th, 2015, St. Petersburg, SC Zenit, 300 spectators

Referees: Anton Batalov, Pavel Novikov, Aleksandr Zakharov

Estonia: Vaikla, Krusel, Lilander, Kokla (c), Riiberg, Mutso (Kannel, 72), Roosnupp, Vaikla, Villota, Makarov (Roog, 72), Tauts, Rande (Golovljov, 83)

Head coach: Marko Lelov

Moldova: Timbur, Andriuhin, Ciornii, Bejenari (Apostol, 39), Cebotari (Gorban, 65), Cobet, Matei, Gustiuc, Mardari (Caruntu, 46), Mandricenco, Urvantev

Head coach: Ghenadie Pusca

Goal: Cobet (61)

Yellow cards: Cobet (35), Urvantev (55), Roosnupp (55), Rande (65), Tauts (77), Ciornii (79), Riiberg (80)

Best players: Andreas Vaikla, Dmitri Mandricenco


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After match comments

Head coach of team Moldova Ghenadie Pusca:

– I believe the result is fair. We had an overall control today. I think it was one of our best games. I'd like the players to remember such matches, for one is growing on them.

– In the second half your team had an excellent possibility to score, but the bar saved your opponent. Why did you manage to open the score only in fifteen minutes?

– I'm glad we have managed (laughing). It's not the time that matters. Today a draw wouldn't have been good enough for us, so we tried to play aggressively, and we succeeded. I demanded my guys to play so, because the more aggressive playing they show the sooner the result is coming.

– The captain of the team, Mihail Apostol missed the previous match due to the suspension. This match he started on the bench and then came to the pitch without the captain's band. Why so?

– We are preparing for each game considering the opponent's and the guys' abilities. I change them and give them new positions. This is in no way connected with the discipline.

– After the third game you said that your team was more exhausted morally than physically...

– After the second one. It was the match against Lithuania. I'm sure if we had won or at least hadn't lost that time we would have shown a good result in our group. That would have been a psychological backing for the guys. Now we are to play here, but what can be done about it...

– Is it hard to motivate now?

– No, it's not. To say more, I'm happy I've got such a team. They have potential to gain something.

– You are very emotional about the players' actions. Is it the way the team understands better?

– I'm getting into the game, and I get excited. Sometimes I blame myself for it, but I can't help it. Probably this emotional charge reflects on the guys, but I can't change myself.

– Will you be following the leaders' matches?

– Sure! I must say we are lucky to have the Greeks and the Lithuanians in our autumn's qualification group. We have to be following them now, and it's very good that we came here. The coaches will get much information from this tournament's results. Probably not all the opponents' players who came here will participate in the autumn's qualifications, but nevertheless we'll have a good food for analyzing.

Head coach of team Estonia Marko Lelov:

– You started the game from defense. Was it the coach's instruction?

– Yes, it had been planned. We allowed the opponent to play on our part of the pitch. The task was to coordinate the defense line and show a good playing with counterattacks.

– You said several grave defeats in the beginning had influenced the atmosphere in your team, though the last match was won by miles. Did it have a positive impact?

– No, our yesterday's victory didn't have any impact. The difference was that today the opponent managed to score and we didn't. I think we've played very well. But team Moldova could realize their chance, that's it.

– In the next match you may have to play against one of the Russian teams. What's your opinion of the four teams which represent Russia at the tournament?

– We treat their playing with respect.

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