Match № 29

The match № 29 (second group stage), fifth tournament day


January 8th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 2500 spectators

Referees: Gennady Anoshin, Ilya Ivanov, Aleksandr Rodionov

Azerbaijan: Sahin, Agaverdiev (Mammadov, 64), Madatov (Karimzade, 81), Zamanov, Jafarov (Akmurzaev, 79), Nabiyev, Sarkarov (Jabrailov, 41), Huseynov, Sadigov (Mammadli, 60), Ulukhanov (Tashgin, 46), Mustafazade (c)

Head coach: Nicolai Adam

Korea Republic: Song, Woo (Shin, 38), Kim M., Kim S., Kang (Han, 79), Lim, Han, Kim D. (Na, 58), Choe (Byun, 90), Lee J. (Park, 57), Lee D. (c) (Kwon, 72)

Head coach: Iksoo An

Goals: Kim M. (7), Kang (56), Lim (72)

Yellow card: Sarkarov (27)

Best players: Tolga Sahin, Jihun Kang


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After match comments

Head coach of team Azerbaijan Nicolai Adam:

– That was the fourth match of the tournament for a very short period – and the second in a two days. So almost all of the players looked tired. Especcially difficult we found second half – when the less power remain. Nevertheless I am proud of my team, and very thankful. Guys did enormous job, everything they could – and received the right to play at the last day of the tournament for the fifth place. I want to mark, that this very result may become the best in the history of Azerbaijan performing within Valentin Granatkin Memorial. Once we were managed to take fifth place, but there were only 8 teams participating. Here, the tournament is more representative. We will be very satisfied if we could enter the five of the strongest national teams. We will do everything we can for it. I should add Azerbaijan had never won 2 times (at the main time). Now we did it. And we will be very happy to win again and to take fifth place.

– In the game you were switching the players all the time. Jafarov and Madatov were changing wings at the first half, then you've substituted Madatov and Jafarov moved to the center – and was also substituted at the end. What influenced on your decision?

– We were trying not only to change the sitution of the game, but to correct it according to the exhausted players we had. Jafarov was very tired so I moved him to the center where he had less things to do and to move less then he had to on the wing.

– It was surprising that not only the players were exhausted, but officials also.

– No, I am full of power! Have you seen me kicking the ball right to the seiling?! (for this «unsport manlike» Adam was dismissed to the tribune from the bench – Ed. comment). In fact, all of us – the head coach and assistants – we should take a control of our emotions. I am really sorry for my deed. I should repeat, I am waiting forward for our last game on 11th of January!

Head coach of team Korea Republic Iksoo An:

– I must say we were tired also because of the tough schedule and we couldn't recover well enough before the game. But our opponent has much harder schedule! So I must thank the team of Azerbaijan for today's match.

– Now you are going to play nearly semifinal match with team of St.Petersburg. Do you have detailed information about your future opponent?

– No, we don't have much information about St.Petersburg. But I must mention that we do not put an aim to win the tournament and take the place the higher as possible. Our aim is quite different. Players of our team can be reserve for national team of Korea to play on the Youth World Cup that will be held in our country in 2017. We need to train them now with a sight to the future.

– But you were trying to score 3rd goal today in order to have a better difference of scored goals in the table to outstrip the team of St.Petersburg, that gives you a chance to qualify to the Final...

– No. The fact we had scored 3 goals is our luck and combination of circumstances.

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