Match № 28

The match № 28 (second group stage), fifth tournament day


January 8th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 600 spectators

Referees: Dmitry Lipovoy, Ivan Kichimasov, Aleksandr Zakharov

Japan: Abe, Nakayama (c), Syouji, Urata, Kubota, Kobayashi (Miyoshi, 55), Noda (Fujitani, 52), Kishimoto, Sugimori (Ogawa, 52), Morishima (Sakai, 52), Sasaki (Naganuma, 84)

Head coach: Uchiyama Atsushi

Finland: Uusitalo, Makinen, Pitkanen (Halme, 26), Vaisanen, Kalermo (c), Lingman (Lehtonen, 85), N'Sombo (Sjostedt, 65), Laatikainen (Ala-Myllymaki, 55), Hamalainen (Jakonen, 65), Untamala (Haglund, 55), Kairinen

Head coach: Jarkko Wiss

Yellow cards: Pitkanen (14), Sasaki (58), Makinen (73), Urata (75)

Best players: Takeru Kishimoto, Kaan Kairinen


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After match comments

Head coach of team Japan Atsushi Uchiyama:

– It was a fourth match for us in the tournament. Our players were obviously tired and I should note a very good defense of Finland. They have very compact and organized defense line that is difficult to be broken.

– It was the 28th match in this tournament but the draw 0:0 was fixed for the first time. Is this score fair or not?

– We wanted to score and it was obvious by the game, but I will underline one more time the defense of Finnish team: they were organized and eliminated all our attacks. We had some problems in attack, there was not enough accuracy in passes and last strikes.

– You couldn't define "the best player" in your team for long, but then called № 13.

– I was hoping till the last minute that someone would score and automatically get this title. Unfortunately we haven't scored and I had to call the "best player" after the final whistle. I have chosen Kishimoto, he played really well.

– Can you predict the result of the match Finland – Slovakia? Who will win and what score will be?

– Tomorrow we will go sightseeing, that is why we will keep an eye on this game distantly.

– Average height of players from Finland is higher than Japanese, did you keep it in mind while preparation for the match?

– For sure we have noted it. Finnish players are higher and more powerfull, also their legs are longer, that gives some advantage in struggles and tackles. They are always the first ones in this component of the game. We knew it and understood that most of the problems we would have with struggle for the ball.

Head coach of team Finland Jarkko Wiss:

– Result of the game is quite good. Of course, it is sad we failed to score, but Japan is a strong opponent, it was a pleasure.

– Today is a fifth day of the tournament, and the first time we have null draw. Is it fair that 0:0 happened in your game?

– Difficult to answer. Both teams wanted to win. However, it happens in football – no ball was scored. Thus I can't say was it fair or not. We had moments, but it was finished this way.

– It was very fun to watch your mimics during the game, especially on 75th minute when you were surprised by yellow card of Joni Makinen.

– Yes, it was obvious that Japanese player has lost the ball. Still, referee gave a yellow card. However, I have no claims though. I know there are many matches, referees are tired, mistakes may occur.

– What influenced on an early substitution in your team?

– The player entered the game, received a yellow card, lost many times in speed. We were afraid of he would break the rules again and receive one more card – what means to lose the player at all. Plus, we wanted to let everyone to participate.

– Your players are taller and stronger that the opponent's ones. Were you considering it during the preparation?

– Of course. Japanese are fast and dynamic. We are taller and we tried to take an advantage.

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