Match № 27

The match № 27 (second group stage), fifth tournament day


January 8th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Denis Zabotin, Pavel Novikov, Dmitriy Ermakov

Bulgaria: Gospodinov, Gushlev, Kupenov, Kerchev, Maksimov, Minkov (Iliev, 79), Georgiev (c), Alichkov, Ivanov (Kerchev, 79), Ignatov (Tsvyatkov, 46), Kirilov (Penchev, 66)

Head coach: Aleksandar Georgiev

Latvia: Zommers, Sorokins, Rubezis, Gulbis, Packo, Osipovs (Jakovlevs, 90), Juhnevics (c), Silings, Dobrecovs, Tumanovs, Zalaks (Korzans, 90)

Head coach: Vladimirs Babichevs

Goals: Kirilov (15), Juhnevics (84)

Yellow cards: Ignatov (7), Osipovs (40), Kirilov (61)

Best players: Aleksandar Georgiev, Kristaps Zommers


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After match comments

Head coach of team Bulgaria Aleksandar Georgiev:

– We have played two games in two days again and our team had no time to recover. Thus, Latvia team had an advantage. Some of our players looked exhausted on the pitch and played weaker than they could. Nevertheless, we scored first and we could score more. However, it is said that if you don't score – the opponent will. So it has happened this way.

– According to the tournament schedule your always opens a day. Is it hard to start an early game at 12?

– No, it is not a problem. We have already adapted and we got used to play at the same time.

Head coach of team Latvia Vladimirs Babichevs:

– The game was quite fun. No doubts, funs love that kind of game. Unpredictable intrigue remained until the final whistle. It is sad that we failed to score a goal at the last minutes, but I am satisfied with work of my team.

– You were talking about some fails of the referees during the game ...

– No, it was just a working moments common for any match. No claims to the referees.

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