Match № 26

The match № 26 (second group stage), fifth tournament day

RUSSIA-2 – MOSCOW 1:3 (1:1)

January 5th, 2015, St. Petersburg, SC Zenit, 400 spectators

Referees: Yevgeniy Kukulyak, Aleksandr Visstuonov, Roman Milevskiy

Russia-2: Lazarev, Bugriev, Kalugin, Terekhov (Sedyh 65), Makhatadze (Selukov, 68), Tsigankov (Galanin, 46), Denisov (Galadjan, 46), Lisov (Dzhariashvili, 81), Pletnev (Kirillov, 46), Kudriavtsev (Lomovitskiy, 46), Kotov (Rasskazov, 78)

Head coach: Mikhail Galaktionov

Moscow: Perevozkin, Arslanov, Kamyshev (c), Boikov, Tumentsev, Sarveli, Kasatkin (Udalov, 58), Filippov (Lelukhin, 63), Mostovoy, Gaponov (Melnik, 70), Mishersky

Head coach: Leonid Ablizin

Goals: Tumentsev (3, pen.), Makhatadze (41, pen.), Sarveli (83; 89)

Yellow cards: Lazarev (2), Kamyshev (40)

Best players: Georgy Makhatadze, Andrey Mostovoy


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After match comments

Head coach of team Russia-2 Mikhail Galaktionov:

– It is very sad to lose the game at the last five minutes. Concerning the difficulties that is very hard to recover after matches. Yesterday we had a quite challenging match against the Greeks. However, the most part of the today's game we dominated the space. We had many moments – Galadjan, for instance. But once we didn't score we got a ball in our goal. Football doesn't excuse mistakes. The players must understand that they are on the threshold of the adults' football where the price for mistakes is high.

– Has the fast goal affected the mood of your team?

– It didn't have any psychological impact on our guys. They kept playing and following my instructions, as I could see in the course of the game.

– In previous matches you made substitutions after the 60th minute. Today most of the substitutions were made during the break. Why so?

– It was mainly because we have paired games: 2 matches + recovery day. That is why I substituted them in this manner. Functional states of those players allowed them to play only one half so far.

– Well, now you will have two recovery days to prepare for the next game...

– We are preparing for matches as for trainings. We don't have any training system for every match at this tournament. I told already that we take these competitions as a training stage before a big tournament in Minsk which starts on January, 15. It is important for us to bring players there in excellent condition.

Head coach of team Moscow Leonid Ablizin:

– I admire our today's opponent. Yet, we know each other for a long time. Mikhail Galaktionov and me are bound not just by friendship. We worked together in FC Dynamo. At that time he was my student. I'm very glad for Mikhail. He has created a fine team. Their performance at the international stage is quite worthy. And here, they are one year younger than others. That is a significant difference for this age. That's why Mikhail makes substitutions. They are mostly for a selectional purpose, not strengthening – he has to watch at everyone.

– You've held a thorough analysis of your opponent's playing, and what is for your own team?

– We've got some problems with the lineup. We've lost several leaders – Nikulin, Krivopalov and Alexeev. We had to find substitutions for them. But the problem is the same as the opponents': it's hard to find equal ones. Besides, we've got Filippov and Kasatkin falling off the game. The latter left because of his health. We've made stupid mistakes in the defence. I consider Kamyshev one of the best Russian defenders for group of this age, and still he made many mistakes. We had been playing in such a nerve-racking manner for 20 or 30 minutes today. Then we improved a bit.

– The aims of the national teams at the tournament are clear: to try the lineup and then to show a worthy performance at qualifications of their continent's Championships. What aims are set for your team?

– Well, there's no secret that almost all of our guys play for the same club. Exceptions are a few players who diversify the team: the players for CSKA, Dynamo and Lokomotiv. I'd say the main aim is preparation for the Second League season. Well, and show off for the scouts – there are many of them here.

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