Match № 25

The match № 25 (second group stage), fifth tournament day


January 8th, 2015, St. Petersburg, SC Zenit, 300 spectators

Referees: Pavel Shadykhanov, Ivan Guryev, Aleksandr Ivanov

Kazakhstan: Mukhanov, Abdezh, Abdrazakov (c), Tinibek (Muftolla, 74), Mameshev (Luhay, 20), Smailov (Oralbay, 68), Vasiliev (Mirsalimbaev, 37), Makuov (Kotov, 57), Slambekov, Andreev, Kuanishbay (Gladchenko, 46)

Head coach: Sergey Tagiev

Estonia: Vaikla, Krusel, Lilander, Kokla (c), Riiberg (Kait, 88), Mutso, Roosnupp (Kannel, 80), Villota, Makarov (Kummer, 85), Tauts (Roog, 77), Rande

Head coach: Marko Lelov

Goals: Tauts (28, 31), Luhay (39), Roosnupp (66, 71), Riiberg (77), Mirsalimbaev (90)

Yellow card: Kuanishbay (35)

Best players: Mark Oliver Roosnupp, Rashid Luhay


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After match comments

Assistant coach of team Kazakhstan Kayrat Aubakirov:

– We were inspiring the guys for the game. We have no backing space. And we are very disappointed. Our games are watched at home, in Kazakhstan. I've told already that we have some problems in the lineup. But we are still growing. In each game we try different combinations, so the starting lists always differ.

– Today your team has managed to score at last. Our congratulations!

– Thank you. Yes, we have scored two goals, but they couldn't save us from the defeat. And both goals were scored not by the forwards. We have got much work to do. I repeat, we have problems in each line.

– The tournament is coming to an end. Can you draw some conclusions? Does your rating correspond the level of team Kazakhstan?

– I think it's more correct to say that we are objectively weaker than other participants of the tournament. At this stage we are behind. One may complain on being unlucky, but it's the strongest who is lucky!

Head coach of team Estonia Marko Lelov:

– The main result of today's match is our moral recovering after the two bitter defeats at the tournament. Of course I'm glad that we've interrupted the goal draught, glad that we've scored five goals, but I'm not glad with the two goals let in. I'm glad, then, that we know and can see our problems, that we know what needs improving. For instance, the last goal in our gates – we could have escaped it if we hadn't lost the concentration.

– At the previous press conference you were speaking of the difficult pitch in PSCC. Was it less difficult here in SC Zenit?

– I spoke about it, but I didn't complain. You see, it's very good that our guys have a possibility to play on such coverings in the middle of winter. Comparing the pitches in PSCC and SC Zenit, here we feel more comfortable: the pitch is tougher, it's easier to play with passes.

– There's always a camera set behind your team's gates. What's its purpose?

– We use HT in the training process. We set the camera on the demand of our goalkeepers' coaches. They use the video shooting to revise the goalkeepers' actions and see their mistakes.

– Can you draw a preliminary conclusion of your team's performance?

– Speaking about our group which contained Belarus and Latvia, we were setting to qualify from the first place. Mind that our group is quite strong and I believe the tournament will be won by one of our opponents. But giving estimation to our team's performance, of course we are disappointed: we haven't managed lots of things. Yet, we'll be working on it. If you lose don't lose the lesson!

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