Match № 24

The match № 24 (second group stage), fourth tournament day


January 7th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 5300 spectators

Referees: Artyom Lyubimov, Ivan Kichimasov, Ilya Ivanov

Russia: Akmurzin, Yevtushenko, Mamin, Skopintsev (Mayorsky, 76), Yamschikov (c) (Shanbiev, 68), Kipiani (Pronichev, 70), Poluboyarinov (Mironov, 60), Obolsky (Malikov, 81), Melkadze, Akhmetov, Krasilnichenko (Alibekov, 64)

Head coach: Sergey Kiryakov

Slovenia: Vodisek, Dedic (c) (Kavcic, 74),Klemencic, Ahec (Hajdarevic, 60), Ivkic, Elsnic (Omerovic, 79), Mrkonja (Florjanc, 87), Zuzek, Skrbec (Tijanic, 46), Ogrinec, Marinic (Repas, 46)

Head coach: Ogor Benedejcic

Goals: Melkadze (34), Kipiani (40), Obolsky (57, pen.), Mamin (62)

Failed penalty kick: Zuzek (67, goalkeeper)

Yellow cards: Dedic (5), Elsnik (15), Skopintsev (25), Poluboyarinov (42), Skrbec (44), Zuzek (46), Vodisek (56), Hajdarevic (74), Malikov (90)

Red card: Zuzek (90, 2 y.c.)

Best players: Timur Akmurzin, Zan Zuzek


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After match comments

Head coach of team Russia Sergey Kiryakov:

– We are satisfied with the result, we have gained 3 points in this final stage. Frankly speaking at the beginning we had serious problems. Our opponents were highly motivated and it was obvious from the first minutes of the match, especially in struggles. Slovenian players acted roughly but in the frames of rules and we couldn't come out of pressing for long. We couldn't play our football and catch our game. Later on attacks began to appear, our guys got used to this kind of football when the opponent plays compact. Our flank passes have become successful and the team play improved.We have scored two important goals. In the second half we played by the score but still tried to score and have succeeded with it. Then the game calmed down and we let to play our reserved players and finish the match with the confident victory.

– In the first half your players held the ball too long, instead of pass they tried to lead round two or three opponents. It didn't cause your discontent, that probably means, it was your demand?

– The task for the match was to lead and assume the game near the goal area and one-on-one. But our players were fond of it too often, especially Ilzat Akhmetov. There were situations when he had three opponents in front and still went to lead round. So we have made corrections during the break, asked guys to play with passes. But the players of this age want to make an impression, they are full of emotions and desire to show themselves especially with such large audience. So, our staff needs to work with it in order to eliminate these problems. When you have three opponents in front that means you have good possibility to make a pass to your free partner. We will work with it.

– On this tournament your team have scored not only 8 goals but also didn't let in at all. Are these equal rates for you or you are satisfied more with a certain one?

– The one and another. Football consists both from scored goals with beautiful attacks and successful actions in defense. I need to note that in first matches on the tournament we had many scoring moments that was failed. Today Slovenia also had many chances to score plus the penalty kick when Timur Akmurzin showed his best. I think he has deserved with this save the title of "best player of the match". Thus we do not train defense actions separately. We plan the game according to the opponent. Today we supposed that Slovenia would play from defense, prevented players that there would be rough struggle. The team has obeyed our instructions, held pressing and begun to play their own football.

Head coach of team Slovenia Igor Benedejcic:

– Congratulations to Russian team with the victory! Their level is higher than ours; they have many good players that influenced on the score of the match. They showed a high football level.

– Can you estimate conditions and organization level of the tournament?

– The organization is good and we are satisfied. Everything is well-prepared and we enjoy being here.

– As every coach, you learn things all the time. What new have you learned on this tournament?

– Here is a great chance to see many young players with five games here. This is a great stage of preparation to qualification for EURO-2017. Thus, it was useful to look at the players at the game, at five games. It will show us the full picture of who is capable for what.

– The one who haven't seen the match but have read the protocol of the game is very surprised now: the player number 10, received 2 yellow cards, failed to score penalty kick, was dismissed from the pitch, and was named the best player. How could it happened?

– In such matches the different situations can occur. Russian team is a very strong one, it is difficult to play on the same level, and thus, he failed to show himself of a hundred percent, still, he is a strong player and he was the best in our team.

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