Match № 23

The match № 23 (second group stage), fourth tournament day


January 7th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 5000 spectators

Referees: Dmitriy Veselov, Vladislav Lyashko, Igor Korotkov

St. Petersburg: Kizeev, Maykov, Starikov (c), Andreev (Martirosian, 89), Ignatenko (Ponikarov, 37), Ivanov I. (Ivanov S., 87), Kosolapov, Garibov (Tiaglo, 62), Slaschev, Vodiannikov, Kutsero (Novopashin, 46)

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachenok

Azerbaijan: Gasimov, Agaverdiev, Madatov, Zamanov, Jafarov, Nabiyev, Sarkarov (Akmurzaev, 58), Huseynov (Jabrailov, 83), Sadigov, Ulukhanov, Mustafazade (c)

Head coach Adam Nicolai:

Goals: Andreev (9), Madatov (26), Starikov (54), Ponikarov (57), Sadigov (68), Ivanov S. (90)

Yellow cards: Vodyiannikov (52), Ponikarov (79), Ivanov S. (90), Martirosian (90), Madatov (90)

Best players: Ivanov Ilya, Nabiyev Yusif


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After match comments

Head coach of team St. Petersburg Vladimir Kazachenok:

– As for the content I see that game as the most exiting and joyful within the whole tournament! Both teams seek for happiness next to the opponent's goals and constructed the game basing on the sharp counter attacks. That was the game that fans do realy love. These kind of matches prove that football lives by attacks!

– Again, as it was in the previous game with Slovakians, you've made a great substitution – very effective and lucky. Even two of them (David Martirosian made a score passing, Sergey Ivanov scored a last goal in the game – Ed. Note) in the end of the game. Was it conscsiously decision to strength the defence or you've tried to «stretch the time» and to mess the opponent's attacking rush up?

– We didn't stretch the time for sure. And if you'll look at the application form you notice that it was those two players who could enter the game at the end.

– What happened to the halfdefender Ignatenko who asked for the emergen substitution at the end of the first half? It seemd that he has a brain concussion...

– He broke his tooth... Concerning the concussion – he even didn't remember the doctor helped him at the pitch. Now he is in hospital. What can we do, football is a football.

Head coach of team Azerbaijan Adam Nicolai:

– Today our transfers from defense to attack weren't good enough. Unfortunately, we couldn't show the same play as in previous match, couldn't keep the right balance between emotions and the game. All the players are still in a very young age and they burst very easily. But, they should think and realize: if they want to reach something on the pitch the first thing they have to think about is defense.

– Have demanded your players to play "second number" against St. Petersburg?

– No, there was no such task, for sure. Now our main aim to prepare properly to the next game with Korea. I congratulate team of St,Petersburg with the victory. It is a strong team. I have watched their two matches on this tournament and couldn't find weak points. To my opinion, they are the main favorites of the Memorial.

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