Match № 2

The match № 2, (first group stage) first tournament day


January 3rd, 2015, St. Petersburg, 400 spectators

Referees: Dmitriy Veselov, Aleksandr Rodionov, Ilya Ivanov

Slovakia: Jakubech, Hornik, Beniac (Kolesar, 46), Durek, Jirka (Janco, 85), Gorelcik (Mraz, 46), Kopicar (c), Mares (Szalay, 79), Vitek, Krc (Mihalik, 67), Vajs (Cernak, 60)

Head coach: Milan Malatinsky

Greece: Ntounis, Pantekidis (Tzinovits, 75), Svarnas, Triantafyllopoulos (Moraitis, 90), Patralis, Kakko, Angelopoulos (Karakoutis, 75), Regkakos, Lamprou (Plegas, 75), Melissopoulos (Gkrosios, 87), Vidalis

Head coach: Ioannis Gkoumas

Goals: Melissopoulos (32), Kopicar (38; 72)

Yellow card: Krc (61)

Best players: Adrian Kopicar, Emmanouil Patralis


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After match comments

Head coach of team Slovakia Milan Malatinsky:

– I want to thank the organizers for well-prepared and comfortable tournament, I am happy that we've got the excellent possibility to play on this high-quality level against such strong teams.

– It seems that you and your team have a perfect cooperation. How long are you working with this team?

– I'm working with them third tournament in a row, so we know and get in touch with each other. And we thoroughly prepared for the whole tournament and this particular game. We had some theoretical preparations and watched many DVD recordings of the opponents.

– It seemed in the course of the game that your players were losing some moments in fights with the Greeks. What did allow you to break the game?

– Team Greece is very strong. They have good individual players and are in a good fit. But as I said we examined them by videos, we could see their advantages and disadvantages, and we tried to constrain the players who could sharpen the game. And we're happy we managed to improve the score. The main thing is that my players try to be a team, they've complied my tasks for the game. We have a disciplined team.

Head coach of team Greece Ioannis Gkoumas:

– Unfortunately we haven't won. Though, in a whole, I'm glad with the quality of my team's playing. We gathered not long ago, it's only a month. But I know their potential already.

– Have you managed to bring here all the players you wanted to take?

– No. Some were engaged in their clubs. Well, they are already professionals.

– Then, can you say that there are some stars in your team?

– Stars, yes, we have. But I don't like to name them. They act as gifted players but they are still too young. Some of my players are trying the artificial pitch for the first time. This is, too, quite difficult for them. They need some time to adjust. But in a whole, I'm satisfied with the tournament and my players.

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