Match № 17

The match № 17 (first group stage), third tournament day


January 5th, 2015, St. Petersburg, 3000 spectators

Referees: Denis Zabotin, Ivan Kichimasov, Ilya Dorogostayskiy

St. Petersburg: Kizeev (c), Maykov (Krugovoy, 61), Smirnov (Ignatenko, 82), Ponikarov (Martirosyan, 63), Andreev, Ivanov I. (Ivanov S., 59), Kosolapov, Garibov (Tiaglo, 53), Slaschev, Vodiannikov, Kutsero (Novopashin, 59)

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachenok

Slovakia: Greif, Hornik, Kolesar, Durek, Jirka (Janko, 46), Mraz (Gorelcik, 70), Kopicar (c), Mares, Vitek, Krc (Mihalik, 80), Vajs (Cernak, 68)

Head coach: Milan Malatinsky

Goal: Tiaglo (90)

Yellow cards: Slaschev (54), Cernak (88)

Best players: Mikhail Kizeev, Branislav Vitek


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After match comments

Head coach of team St. Petersburg Valdimir Kazachenok:

– It was a very strain match! The dispute of two equal opponents, but at the last moment the luck turned to our side. Now the whole team is full of happiness. Probably, head coach of Slovakia is disappointed... I wish him good luck! This is football. May be our opponent has remembered on last minutes of the match that the draw is suitable for them and focused on this thought...

– Team of Slovakia had an additional day for preparation, but at the end of the match team of St. Petersburg was much fresher...

– I can't say that we have surpassed Slovakian players in physical conditions, it was rather on the contrary. There was another moment that is important: I had risked and let nearly all attacking forces of our team in. And I can repeat the words of our President: the lucky one that who is lucky.

– You have made forces reset at the beginning of second half: five substitutions in 10 minutes!

– You don't need a lot of mind to make substitutions... Eventually we must give opportunity to play to all players. But, frankly speaking, these substitutions thrusted to be made.

– It is rear when you point out someone from your team. But, it is obvious, that your goalkeeper and captain Mikhail Kizeev today must be praised. He was saving!

– I agree with you. But it is a job of a goalkeeper – to keep the gate safe.

Head coach of team Slovakia Milan Malatinsky:

– Congratilations to St. Petersburg team! Our opponent showed a very good football. But we also played a good game, so it twice more disappointing to recall failures to realise a few very good moments and to lose the significant goal on the last 90th minute... Still, it can happen in football.

– Have you demanded players to focus on the draw result during the last minutes that would be quite convenient for your team?

– No, never. We tried our best to win and to be the first in our group and of course we aimed to win a single game here.

– We can see you are very upset...

– Yes, I am. But I assure you, that we won't give up! Of course now we are not about to fight for the prizes here, but in the rest matches we will be playing only for the victory.

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