Match № 14

The match № 14 (first group stage), third tournament day


January 5th, 2015, St. Petersburg, 300 spectators

Referees: Ivan Abrosimov, Dmitriy Yermakov, Ivan Guryev

Korea Republic: Song, Woo, Kim M., Kim S., Kim Daew. (Na, 60), Lim, Han Ch., Kang, Choe (Kwon, 90), Lee J. (Byun, 90), Lee D. (c)

Head coach: Iksoo An

Moscow: Maiorov, Arslanov, Lelukhin, Kamyshev (c), Tumentsev, Sarveli (Mishersky, 68), Krivopalov (Udalov, 46), Nikulin, Alexeev, Mostovoy, Gaponov

Head coach: Leonid Ablizin

Goals: Lee D. (18, pen.), Kang (71)

Yellow cards: Arslanov (15), Kim S. (51), Han Ch. (65), Lelukhin (66), Gaponov (81)

Best players: Dongjun Lee, Ilya Gaponov


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After match comments

Head coach of team Korea Republic Iksoo An:

– As I already said yesterday this is our first representation at an international competition of sucj a level. I'd like to thank the FUR and the organizing committee for the organization and warm hospitality.

– There's a considerable difference in time between South Korea and St. Petersburg. Do you have any problems with acclimatization?

– No, no problems. We are satisfied with the accommodation and meals we get. We have everything to adapt here.

– Even with the score 2:0 you were urging the team forward. Why?

– I want to emphasize the playing itself. It's not only the result that is important, we would like to show Korean style and to keep improving all the time.

– Your team shows a really good football, everybody likes it. What is more important for players in such an age? What would you recommend?

– The most important for a player is the ability to recognize the situation and control the game and his own actions.

Head coach of team Moscow Leonid Ablizin:

– In my opinion team Korea was obviously stronger. They win in physical condition, in techniques, and in speed. We were fussing from the beginning, failing to restrain the wings of the Koreans, and by the moment we got more or less concentrated we had already let in the goal. In the second half the Koreans changed their tactics, falling a bit to defense, and managed to score second time on a counterattack. For the moment they are better than we are.

– On the previous press conference you complained on the faults in passes and on the bad realization of scoring moments. What is for today's game?

– You've seen it by yourself. Yet, team Finland and team Korea demonstrate completely different football. To my opinion, the Asians are stronger. They are better disciplined, pressing all the time, making us a mess. While in the first game we could perform some attack, in this match our opponent was completely "stifling" us, tying our hands. But all the same, this is a good experience for us. We are grateful to the Football Union of Russia for the invitation and possibility to participate in such a tournament.

– In the course of the match we could hear words of encouraging from the coach's area towards the players who were often mistaking...

– Well, should we scold them all the time? The "carrot and stick approach" is our method. We do scold them. But they need encouraging sometimes.

– You are unable to change anything in the group rating. Your team takes the third place. What will be your next actions: you will allow other players to perform or apply all the efforts to score at least?

– Naturally we want to score, but there will be rotation in any case.

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