Match № 10

The match № 10 (first group stage), second tournament day


January 4th, 2015, St. Petersburg,  300 spectators

Referees: Evgeniy Galimov, Pavel Novikov, Roman Milevskiy

Estonia: Vaikla, Berggren (Roog, 56), Krusel (Villota, 79), Kummer, Lilander (Makarov, 82), Kokla (c), Riiberg, Mutso (Rande, 82), Kait (Klein, 52), Miller (Golovljov, 61), Roosnupp (Tauts, 71)

Head coach: Marko Lelov

Belarus: Rabtsevich, Ivanov, Garapchuk (Khvalko, 42), Kapskiy (c), Butarevich, Bessmertniy (Khanevich, 84), Gromiko, Kuharchik (Butko, 86), Alexandrovich (Velko, 54), Rasheniya, Uzepchuk (Sanets, 90)

Head coach: Alexey Vergeenko Lelov

Goals: Kuharchik (10, pen.), Velko (74)

Yellow cards: Vaikla (9), Bessmertniy (23), Khvalko (50), Kokla (77)

Best players: Jan Kokla, Ilya Kuharchik


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After match comments

Head coach of team Estonia Marko Lelov:

– Congratulations to the Belarussian team with a victory! They have already played a game, today we had the first one and we supposed to be fresher in this match. We have played a good game, disciplined and organized. Comparing teams, we needed to pay more attention to the defense of Belarus. They acted confident. Still, I would like to emphasize that we've played a good football.

– There was no complaint concerning the play of the goalkeeper (despite of penalty). But at the end of the game he started to mess up. The score could have been a different one. Was it a manner of his game?

– Generally, I think that referees, nor our goalkeeper controlled the game!

– Is that your answer? How are your injured players?

– That's the point. When referee is concerned about the camera if it stands in front of the goal or behind it, they fail to follow the game. As the result, three players become injured, one of them even seriously. Still, only one yellow card was shown to opponents. A lot of non-fotball factors affect the game. Let everyone do his own job!

Head coach of team Belarus Alexey Vergeenko:

– The result is fair, to my mind. We faced well-disciplined, good-organized team and it was interesting to play against it. A big, even great gratitude to my players, who spent second match in two days and were strong enough to show worthy game. But the difference of the pitches influenced much. There is "fast" pitch in SC Zenit and here coverage is much softer and slower, feet cramped. But they showed strong-willed character and I am proud of that. The quality of the game was rather good. It was interesting game with a lot of sharp moments and I can say – I liked this game.

– Your team had spent one match yesterday, but today you started the game with a high pressing. Weren't you afraid that there would be not enough forces for the ending?

– Frankly speaking, that was risky. But we trained this component of the game in order to have variety in offence. We understood, if we start the match with good pressure and try to find chances in offence – we can score and keep some forces. It has worked. We scored fast.

– And this fast goal helped you to change the game, didn't it?

– Fast goal helps any team to change the game. Moreover it was the second match and our forces weren't endless. We managed to change the game and play due to the score: take opponents out of their defense and use fast counter attacks. Our team has forwards who can easily come to free zones.

– Alexey, you have been playing in "Dinamo" Minsk, "Zhalgiris". Did the style of these teams influence on you as a coach?

– In general, it didn't influence. I base on the position I have played – midfielder with attacking manner. So, I want to teach my team this kind of football. But I am the coach of national team. We work and train those players who are in our staff and settle all scheme to these persons. Most comfortable scheme for us is 4-3-3. That is the base for us today.


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