Match № 1

The match № 1, (first group stage) first tournament day

BELARUS – LATVIA 2:1 (2:1)

January 3rd, 2015, St. Petersburg, 60 spectators

Referees: Dmitriy Lipovoy, Vladislav Lyashko, Yan Bobrovskiy

Belarus: Rabtsevich, Ivanov, Garapuchik (Khvalko, 76), Kapskiy (c), Butarevich, Bessmertniy (Khanevich, 90), Gromiko, Kuharchik (Butko, 89), Alexandrovich (Velko, 81), Rasheniya, Uzepchuk

Head coach: Alexey Vergeenko

Latvia: Zommers, Sorokins, Rubezis, Gulbis, Deružinskis, Juhņevičs (c) (Sovers, 81), Šilings (Korzāns, 89), Dobrecovs, Tumanovs, Jakovļevs (Osipovs, 60), Zalaks (Pačko, 73)

Head coach: Vladimirs Babičevs

Goals: Dobrecovs (5, pen.), Kapskiy (14), Alexandrovich (22, pen.)

Yellow cards: Butarevich (35), Juhņevičs (48), Ivanov (63), Zalaks (70), Garapuchik (74), Kapskiy (84), Bessmertniy (90)

Best players: Alexey Butarevich, Ņikita Juhņevičs


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After match comments

Head coach of team Belarus Alexey Vergeenko:

– First match is difficult at any tournament. The more, at a tournament with such a sonorous name. I'm not kidding. For many young guys it's the first high-level competition. The better for us. We're gaining a good experience.

– Your players showed some nervousness in the beginning of the game...

– Our team is rather young. And, unlike the previous Belarus teams, this lineup is quite leveled, with no outstanding stars. I'm even inclined to believe this is our advantage. I find it easier to manage such a team. The guys can get the coach's position more quickly and are easier in adapting.

– Last year team Belarus wasn't successful. Doesn't last year's result weigh upon you now? Didn't you have thoughts of revenge?

– Absolutely no. Both we and the administration of Belorussian football understand that the main task now is to revise the first national team and the immediate reserve. However, there is still the goal to win every match.

Head coach of team Latvia Vladimirs Babičevs:

– The game was equal, with the same number of moments for both teams. There were lots of faults, but this is the starting game of Granatkin Cup.

– Two penalty kicks aren't too much for the first half?

– To tell the truth, I haven't noticed any offences there, but it's not my rule to dispute the actions of the referees. My task in to bring up the players and to build a team.

– Did you have any staff problems before the tournament?

– Yes, of course. It didn't get without losses. Mostly injuries. Some leading players were injured. So, our coaches had to build the team up in short terms. But I can't see any problems about it. It's our second training. I consider this tournament another training.

– A traditional question, then: what aims were set to the team for this tournament?

– A traditional answer: the goals are very simple – to train the new team, look who is worth of what, and prepare for the Europe qualifications.


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