Match № 37

The match № 37, match for the 7th place, tenth tournament day


January 12th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Ilya Trishin, Ivan Kichimason, Andrey Kuzhelev

Slovenia: Sorchan (Janjekovich, 75), Primc, Kumer, Zupanc (c), Poljanec, Vokich (Vidovich, 70), Taneski, Lorbek, Ojbolt (Adamich, 59), Gajich (Plavschich, 61), Krivichich (Petrovchich, 65)

Head coach: Gliha Primoj

St. Petersburg: Avramchik, Krivulkin (Bukharov, 67), Ivanov (Doroshenko, 67), Ivanidi, Markin (Bliumgardt, 67), Tankov (Filatenko, 86), Pankov (Meschaninov, 46), Agaragimov, Nazimov, Vinogradov (Petrov, 65), Kubyshkin (c)

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachenok

Goals: Agaragimov (33), Zupanc (35, own goal), Nazimov (54; 67, pen.)

Yellow cards: Taneski (24), Kumer (72), Bliumgardt (79), Kubyshkin (81)

Red cards: Kubyshkin (84), Adamich (84)

Best players: Nik Lorbek, Vadim Agaragimov


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Slovenia Gliha Primoj:

– I like the tournament, here are good teams and the organization is nice. Referees' decisions are not my business, but I want to ask the referees to be more attentive. This is not a qualifying tournament, it's only a kind of friendly matches.

– Your team is the only to have played against both home teams, Russia and St. Petersburg. Can you compare the opponents?

– There are 140 million people in Russia, 6 million in St. Petersburg, and 2 million in Slovenia. Of course you have a wider option. Team Russia is a wonderful team which inherited best traditions after the team of the USSR. St. Petersburg is a very strong team. The score in our matches speaks out for the opponents' excellence.

– Last year your team also participated, and then you had an outstanding leader Zan Benedicic, player of FC Milan. Do you have such bright players this year?

– Of course we have. You see, our problem is just physics. That's why we get so many injuries. We have good players who can be leaders but because we've lost 5 people I can't put all the best players on the pitch. We have 5-6 players who can play in the national team.

– Coming back to the game, could you comment on the pretensions your players draw towards the opponents when the 3rd goal was scored?

– Emotions were rising as the game progressed. There was an episode when according to the fair play rules the players of St. Petersburg should have given the ball to us. They through in wrong. The referee stopped the game and let us do it. We made a mistake, lost the ball, and the opponent's striker scored without any hurdles. My opinion, in his place I'd give the ball to the goalkeeper.

Head coach of the team St. Petersburg Vladimir Kazachenok:

– We wanted to show a good game and a beautiful football today. There were many emotions during the match and the peak of it was at the end of the game. I think it has happened because of tiredness. But everybody has calmed down already and the impressions after the tournament won't be spoiled. St. Petersburg is always known for its hospitality.

– How can you estimate the final seventh place of your team on the tournament?

– Probably it is a success. The selection of teams was rather good. I'm satisfied with the playing of my squad and with the result. We played open football and could give fights to all our opponents. The other fact, the team of St. Petersburg is a team for one tournament. It was gathered before the Valentin Granatkin Memorial, has played it and will break up.

– But your team showed non standard football with a special style –

– You are quite right, I'm happy, for the first, that my team has followed all my instructions, and for the second, that we showed our own style. The base of it is the playing mind. We play football with intelligence but not only with feet. We try to keep all good traditions of Leningrad football.

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