Match № 31

The match № 31, play-off round, eighth tournament day

JAPAN – TURKEY 3:0 (1:0)

January 10th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1500 spectators

Referees: Nikolay Voloshin, Konstantin Averyanov, Ivan Kichimasov

Japan: Yoshimaru, Yamaguchi, Ishida, Motegi, Nakano, Watanabe (Sugimoto, 65), Misao, Kitagawa, Shindo, Miyamoto (Suzuki, 65), Okugawa (Uryu, 87)

Head coach: Atsushi Uchiyama

Turkey: Demir An., Demir Ar. (Zengin, 46), Unver (Ersoy, 63), Ozer, Ersoy, Bilem (Tuzcu, 76), Altintas, Aydin (c) (Vatansever, 46), Okutan (Yaman, 63), Сınar, Camoglu, Erdogan (Kilic, 64)

Head coach: Mehmet Hacioglu

Goals: Kitagawa (8), Okugawa (58), Sugimoto (90)

Yellow cards: Erdogan (39), Yamaguchi (78)

Best players: Masaya Okugawa, Anil Demir


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After match comments

Head coach of the team Japan Atsushi Uchiyama:

– I can say it was the most difficult match on the tournament for us. Previous three matches exhausted us totally. But we had a good moment and could score a goal in first minutes; it let us act more freely.

– Due to the start protocol of the match, you let out the strongest lineup...

– I can say it was optimal, it is more properly. It's very important for us now to spread our strengths precisely to play good in the Final. There is the last step to pass on this tournament. We will check the conditions of our players and will decide who is ready for the last match.

– Many people have noted the outstanding colors of the form of Japanese team. What do these colors mean?

– We call it samurai blue in Japan.

– We could see the training session of your team and it is rather different comparing to others. Do you practice meditation during it?

– No (laughing). There are just special exercises. One of such complexes, players stand on one foot changing to another, is focused on balance and stability.

Head coach of the team Ukraine Aleksandr Golovko:

– Today we didn't show our best. We are able to play better. I can't tell you the reason of our defeat yet. Japan is a very strong team, but today we lost the match. I'm disappointed with the performance of my players, that is why I didn't want to name "the best player" in my team as it usually happens in the end of the match. I congratulate the team of Japan with the deserved coming to the Final. Making some preliminary conclusions, I can say that we have gained a good playing experience on this tournament, we have played with skilled teams.

– In spite of the defeat today, you will fight for the third place. Is it a success for you?

– I will answer shortly: if we will play like today, there won't be any chances for bronze medals for us.

– Can you mark any player, with outstanding performance, among opponent's team?

– I can emphasize the players with numbers 14 (Kitagawa) and 8 (Sugimoto), they are very quick and technically skilled players. They made much for the victory.

– Can you tell about the main reason of your defeat without delay?

– Probably, it is tiredness. We couldn't' play as we did it before. There were too many emotions. As we got nervous, we stopped thinking.

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