Match № 28

The match № 28, play-off round, seventh tournament day

CZECH REPUBLIC – UKRAINE 1:1 (1:1), pen. 4:3

January 9th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 200 spectators

Referees: Ilya Trishin, Andrey Kuzhelev, Igor Korotkov

Czech Republic: Vorel, Takacz, Shisha (c) (Schotkowski, 46), Toml, Heleshic, Kulhanek, Schick, Kodr, Suhan (Honish, 85), Kodesh (Shural, 61), Zorvan (Mlchak, 70)

Head coach: Miroslav Soukup

Ukraine: Yefanov (Soldatenko, 90), Kuksenko, Paliukh, Dushyn (Luchkevych, 51), Kvych, Byesedin (c), Zotko, Shtanenko, Lobay, Klots (Luk'yanchuk, 60), Klak

Head coach: Aleksandr Golovko

Goals: Schick (8), Zotko (45)

Yellow cards: Kulhanek (32), Lobay (42)

Best players: Martin Toml, Ivan Zotko




After match comments

Head coach of the team Czech Republic Miroslav Soukup:

– My emotions are similar with the match against Greece. We scored the goal, we led all the match, had several moments to increase the score and we let Ukraine to level the score. But today I'm happier than after the match against Greece, because that day the team was sure than we were a better team and had to win, but lost our chances. Today everything worked out. It was a match-revanche today. We played against Ukraine on the tournament in Czech Republic last year. The full time of the match had ended with the draw 2:2, and Ukraine has won in the penalty shootout. Today, we gained revenge. I'm happy with it because Ukrainian team is a strong team and it is always pleasant to win it.

– What was the motivation for your players, both teams fought for the places from 9th to 12th?

– When you play for your national team there is no need in other motivation. But we have one more moment, we had to revenge for the defeat in the final and it was the main thing for us, we can say "+1".

– You had given the title of the "best player" to Martin Toml but after the penalty shootout you have changed your decision, and the goalkeeper was named "the best player". You changed your mind because of the 2 saved penalty kicks?

– There was a misunderstanding. My assistant was asked about this and asked in such a way. If I was asked about it I would have named goalkeeper at once. Also the question about the best player has appeared at the end of full time of the match. But the penalty shootout is a part of the game also. By the total performance of the match our goalkeeper was the best player.

Head coach of the team Ukraine Aleksandr Golovko:

– The match was really hard. The schedule is difficult, we have to play almost every day. Today we played second time on end. The team has never played with such frequency before. The positive side is that four players are already prepared to start the next training as the training for the World Cup qualifiers, playing at tournaments like this.

– Your players were encouraging each other before the beginning of the match, preparing for a quick start, but they failed. They managed something in the end of the first half when the score was leveled and in the second half when they caused some troubles to the Czechs. Did they fail to accomplish what they wished?

– This is football. Wishing is not everything, skill also counts. Me, for example. I wish to win more than anyone, but I can't come on the pitch and show them how to play. What I can is just trying to help and encourage my players. So far not everything is ended, though many of the guys showed their character. Of course, penalty shootout is some kind of drawing lots, and, again, this is football and I can't have grievances at anyone.

– What was the motivation for today's game, the both teams fighting for 9-12 places?

– I think the main motivation was playing for your country. Playing in the T-shirt of your national team is quite a serious motivation. Yes, they are professionals, they earn money, but here it's different. Being the head coach, I personally won't let them come on the field for nothing. You see, every match for the national team is the image of the state, as well as your own image when you come as a football player.

– In the very end of the match you made a substitution of the goalkeeper, revealing your preparation for the penalty shootout. Do you have two different goalkeepers for games and for penalty shootout?

– I believe both our goalkeepers are now playing quite well and have equal fits. Another thing is that Soldatenko has a constant practice in Dynamo, Kyiv and Yefanov plays for Shakhtar, Donetsk, though rather rarely. Comparing them, Soldatenko is sharper and reacts better in penalty kicks. One more thing, during the past year he twice saved us in penalty shootouts, and that's why I put him in the goal area for the shootout. What he didn't manage is just part of the game.


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